You Can Ask Your Amazon Alexa For Health Advice & It's As Creepy As It Is Helpful

by Georgina Berbari

Guys, I just got an Amazon Alexa for Christmas, and I'm low-key concerned that she's going to take over the world. I mean, this b*tch can do everything. I literally whisper her name under my breath and she's prepared as hell to help me with absolutely anything my heart desires. Did I mention she's always listening and knows my every move? Oh, and since Amazon Alexa's health advice feature became a thing, I basically never have to leave my house. Bless you, Alexa.

So basically, Alexa can give you pointers on pretty much anything you can think of in the health and wellness realm. For example, if you absolutely hate hitting up the gym, and you're more of a home-workout kind of person (same, girl), Alexa is here for you, my friend, because she doubles as a personal trainer. Or, maybe you keep telling yourself that you're going to meditate each morning, but you keep on making excuses. Alexa's got you covered there, too, with guided meditations right at your fingertips.

Even though I'm a bit creeped out by the fact that she butts into my conversations on the reg, it is super impressive to discover all the ways in which Alexa can help improve your health. The only thing she can't do is... actually do your workout for you. Yeah, I tried asking her that one, and I'm pretty sure I confused her, because how could a human being actually be that lazy? Sorry, girl.

If you want to take advantage of your Amazon Alexa's impressive health-related knowledge and extensive array of challenging workouts, here are seven ways she can help you out.

She's A Fitness Guru

If you're sick of your monotonous ab exercises and looking to mix things up, Fitness Guru Alexa is at your service.

This feature offers workouts for your upper body, lower body, and your core, and they can all be done right at home, whenever you want. Ugh, there's literally no excuse for not exercising anymore, is there?

Alexa even explains the benefits of each exercise you're doing, because she's awesome like that. All hail Amazon.

She Can Lead You Through Guided Meditations

Many people say they want to include mindfulness and meditation in their self-care routines, but oftentimes, they just don't know where to start. Alexa can help you reap the extensive benefits of mindfulness by guiding you through a meditation session (that's only two minutes!) and assisting you with clearing any mental chatter that's clouding your mind.

If you're craving even more zen, try enabling the Peaceful Habit feature for an even longer, more in-depth meditation session.

She Can Help You Catch Some Z's

It's easy to neglect a good night's sleep by staying up and mindlessly scrolling through your phone. But if you have an Amazon Alexa in the house, she'll remind you that sleep is one of the most important factors in staying healthy by encouraging you to ditch the phone come bedtime, and she even provides you with sleep and relaxation sounds to make catching some Z's a whole lot easier.

She can even tell you bedtime stories which, TBH, makes me feel a little weird, but hey, maybe you're into that!

She Can Shower You With Positive Affirmations

Yes people, it's true. Alexa can, indeed, remind you how beautiful you are, with the Good Morning, Beautiful feature. I could definitely see this perking me up in the a.m. on a sh*tty self-image day — we all have 'em, right?

You Can Connect Her To Your FitBit

If you're obsessed with your FitBit, but always low-key forget to check it because it's basically become one with your wrist at this point, Alexa's got you covered, girl.

The Fitbit feature helps you stay motivated and informs you about the stats that you care about the most, because clocking in all 10,000 steps in a day can be a serious struggle, amirite?

She Offers So Many Good Workouts To Choose From

From spontaneous seven-minute workouts to soothing yoga flows, to challenging Pilates classes, Alexa is basically the personal trainer you've always wanted, but never got around to hiring — except she doesn't aggressively yell at you to do one more rep when you're basically drowning in your own sweat. Dreams really do come true, guys.

She Can Support Your WebMD Fascination

WebMD truly brings out everyone's inner hypochondriac. I've literally convinced myself that I had mouth cancer when it was just a cold sore on my lip. I'm not proud of it, but it is true.

I hate to say it, but Alexa literally has the answer to all of your health questions, no matter how bizarre they might be. While that might be great for some people, personally, that feature has permanently been shut off in my household. I'm obsessed enough as it is, so, thanks but no thanks, 'Lex.