Someone Put Animojis On Your Favorite Actors' Faces & You Need To Watch — VIDEO

Animojis are the (very expensive) gift that keep on giving. Those lucky enough to get their hands on Apple's newest and most futuristic phone yet, the iPhone X, will be thrilled to know that the device's Animoji feature can recognize any face including an actor's in a movie. I'm not kidding — Reddit user brazilliandanny took it upon themselves to create a video of Animojis in movie scenes, and the end result is GOLD.

On Reddit, braziliandanny told fellow Redditers before linking to their epic YouTube video, "I used animojis to recreate some iconic movie scenes. I think we are just scratching the surface of what people will do with this technology." Judging by the 58-second video featuring iconic scenes in pop culture with talking poop, pigs, pandas, ducks, and more, I'd say technology is only getting better.

Since the iPhone X and all its innovative features made their highly-anticipated debut on Friday, Nov. 3, phones as we've known them have gained heaps more tech-forward capabilities. Between facial recognition technology with Apple's proprietary Face ID function and enhanced augmented reality, we're living in a time where we can literally communicate via animated emojis that mimic our facial movements. Like, that is crazy enough as it is. But the fact that you can literally animate any face? Well, that's next-level, and I am so here for it. Alas, watching braziliandanny's genius video is one of those moments that makes you go, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

In the short clip, we can see Russel Crowe's Gladiator character, Maximus, as a panda. (A very buff and deep-voiced panda.) We can also admire what Al Pacino's Scarface character, Tony Montana, looks like as an angry monkey and what Samuel Jackson's Pulp Fiction character, Jules, looks like as a pissed off puppy. Something about seeing the emoji version of these well-known characters gives them a bit of silly appeal and makes the scenes even more lovable. You can't help but appreciate a panda gladiator, rallying the crowd!

Besides mega famous movie scenes, braziliandanny managed to give another noteworthy cultural moment an Animoji spin: A presidential debate between now-President Donald Trump and then-candidate Hillary Clinton. Starring Donald Trump as talking poop and Hillary Clinton as a talking robot, it's even better than the Snapchat filters people were using to make light of those awkward moments back in 2016. The Animoji technology managed to perfectly capture Donald Trump's recognizable furrowed brow and often intolerable demeanor toward his opponent. Meanwhile, robot Hillary Clinton says, "He'd rather have a puppet as president," and I'm immediately drawn back to more empowered times.

In addition to emojified movie scenes and TV moments, the internet has found another glorious way to use the new iPhone's cool Animoji feature: Animoji karaoke, which has quickly taken over Twitter. Basically, instead of filming themselves lip syncing hit songs, people have started recording Animojis of their karaoke sessions, resulting in singing unicorns, foxes, and more.

Here's an example of a unicorn singing Adele's "Hello" for reference.

And multiple songs at once like an epic YouTube mashup:

Please, everyone start doing the same to more movie and TV moments. I'm thinking all my favorite early '00s shows — cough cough Gossip Girl — will be perfect contenders. Serena and Blair could be rival unicorns, and it would be so perfect.

Shout out to Reddit user braziliandanny for showing us that Animojis are more than just fun karaoke and texting tools. They are here to transform pop culture as we know it. And remember: Anyone can receive an Animoji.

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