You’re Missing Out If You Haven’t Tried Animoji Karaoke Yet

by Collette Reitz

Out of all the awesome updates in the iPhone X, you might be surprised to find out which one people cannot stop talking about. Of course, people are loving the new Face ID and the all-glass design, but the new Animoji is the feature that's really stealing the show. Even better, there is now something called Animoji karaoke that is taking over Twitter, and once you see it, you'll know exactly why.

For a little refresher, an Animoji is basically like a supercharged emoji that is animated with your facial movements. You can only create Animoji on the iPhone X using the front-facing camera and the new facial recognition technology, but you can send Animoji to anyone. Once iPhone X users started playing around with the new technology, a new trend called Animoji karaoke was born.

Animoji karaoke is exactly what it sounds like. Some of your favorite emojis that have been brought to life as an Animoji can now also sing the latest hits for you. According to Fast Company editor Harry McCracken, you can thank him for the invention of Animoji karaoke. In his Nov. 3 article, he shared that the idea came to him while he was using a pre-release iPhone X (lucky!). McCracken wrote that he thought using an Animoji to lip-sync a song would be a fun way to use this new technology. From the looks of it, he was right.

Here are a few tips from McCracken to make sure that your Animoji karaoke creations come out looking just as good as the ones making their way around Twitter.

First, to make sure that you can share your Animoji karaoke to Twitter, you'll want to save it to your camera roll as a video. To do that, you can use iOS’ standard sharing feature. Next, if you want to sidestep the 10-second limit on Animoji recording, record your videos using the new screen-recording feature on iOS 11 instead of recording within an iMessage. Finally, if you want make a souped-up Animoji karaoke, you can create duets by using features in iMovie to bring two iPhone X videos together.

If you don't have an iPhone X (or friends that let you play with theirs), you can go to Twitter and search the hashtag #AnimojiKaraoke to see all of the fun that people are having with this new technology.

Adele as a unicorn Animoji is the mashup you never knew you needed.

"Hello," indeed.

When multiple Animojis come together to replicate today's top hits, it looks like this.

This Animoji karaoke came along just in time to revive my love of "Havana."

Prepare to have your mind blown, like, right now.

I've never seen Star Wars, but this might just be the push I needed.

Um, this Animoji karaoke is literally "Just Like Fire."


Gasolina got the Animoji karaoke treatment.

Bonus, you can add this throwback jam to all of your party playlists again.

Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" was seriously made for an Animoji quartet.

"Magnifico" is the perfect way to describe it.

I just literally cannot stop playing this one.

Once you play it, you'll get "hooked on a feeling," too.

Now that you've seen some of the greatness that is Animoji karaoke, you can get started on creating some of your own. Just make sure you don't have any big plans for the day, because I have a feeling you could spend a lot of time on this. But hey, if it gives you a unicorn Animoji singing Adele, then it's totally worth it.

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