You Can Send Animojis To People Without iPhone X, So Everyone Rejoice

It's Nov. 3, the iPhone X has finally been released, and people are totally losing their minds over Animojis. This morning, Twitter was immediately flooded with new iPhone X users posting their most favorite Animoji creations, and you guys, they are definitely living up to the hype. Don't worry about being left out if you haven't pulled the trigger on getting the iPhone X yet, because sending Animojis to people without the iPhone X is totally possible. In other words, if you don't have an iPhone X, you can still see Animojis that are sent to you from your friends who do have one.

If you haven't been reading all about Animojis in the weeks leading up to the release of the iPhone X, then you might be wondering what an Animoji even is. Animojis are basically supercharged emojis that move around according to your very own facial movements. All you have to do to send an Animoji from the iPhone X is go to "Messages," then go to "iMessage Apps," select the "Animoji" icon, choose your emoji, and then tap to record. You'll get 10 seconds to record.

When you're ready to share your Animoji creation, all you need to do is hit "Send." Animoji can be shared between any iOS and Mac devices.


For some people (like yours truly), their iPhone X savings account is taking a little longer to reach $999 than they'd hoped, so creating Animojis is not possible right now. But that doesn't mean you're out of luck when it comes to experiencing the Animoji (as long as you make nice with you pal who does have the iPhone X). In fact, iPhone X users can send their Animojis to other mobile devices that don't run on iOS or Mac via MMS, which after a quick Google search, I can now define as Multimedia Messaging Service.

Furthermore, Apple explains in the email that you can send your Animoji as a sticker or save it in your camera roll as a .MOV file. iPhone X user or not, you do not want to miss out on the Animoji craze.

As of right now, there are 12 emojis that you can choose from to turn into Animoji.

Once you see an Animoji in action, you'll likely want to run out to buy an iPhone X to get in on the fun, but remember, you can still enjoy the fruits of someone else's Animoji labor. Just make sure your number is in the phones of all your friends who got their hands on the iPhone X today.

If patience isn't really your thing, and your iPhone X-posessing pals are dedicated employees who won't take the time to send you a fun Animoji until lunch, you can always check out Twitter to see what kind of fun people are having with Apple's latest technology.

Animoji karaoke is here, and everything is amazing.

Try not replaying this five times.

Maybe you can convince your iPhone X pals to recreate all the Stranger Things characters.

I need a Hopper-unicorn Animoji mashup in my life.

If your friends get the iPhone X, you should insist they only communicate with you in Animoji form from now on.

So, if you camped out all night get your hands on the iPhone X, only to find out that you're the only one in your squad who did so, don't worry about having to keep all the Animoji fun to yourself. You can still keep your pals in the Animoji loop thanks to MMS. And if you're still waiting on the latest iPhone, just make sure you stay on the good side of your iPhone X bestie — compliments are always a good idea.

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