Versed Just Dropped 2 New Toners For $18 Each, & They Guarantee Glowy Skin — EXCLUSIVE

Courtesy of VERSED

Raise your hand if you're only half-certain about what a toner actually is. No judgement — TBH, I felt the same for a while, and it took me quite some time to find out what sort of toners might suit my personal skincare routine best. Even now, I'm always on the hunt for the next best toner to add to my product arsenal, which is why I'm so excited about VERSED's two new toners. Since launching as a brand, VERSED has made waves as an affordable and effective skincare option for many, and I rarely enjoy a Target shopping spree without picking up one of their many products, all of which are under $20. Whether you're already a fan of the brand, or just a skincare fanatic looking for his or her dream toner, I can 100% guarantee you'll be excited about these two new launches.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good serum, face mask, or moisturizer, but there's no denying that toner is a game-changing step that's often overlooked by even the most devout skincare-lovers. With that in mind, the team at VERSED set out to create two universal toners all their fans could use and love. "Community is at the core of every move we make. On top of toners being their most requested products to date, our community also drove the development with us," Melanie Bender, VERSED's General Manager, exclusively tells Elite Daily. "Over 1,000 people played a role in Baby Cheeks and Weekend Glow, doing everything from testing formulas to giving input on packaging and prices. The result is two skin heroes that reflect the values and needs of the people they’re for." Both new toners retail for $18 apiece, and drop on the VERSED Skincare website today, and at Target come Jan. 26.

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The more gentle, nourishing option of the two is the Baby Cheeks All-In-One Hydrating Milk:

Courtesy of VERSED

While I've tried and love both new products for different reasons, my winter skin is obsessed with Baby Cheeks. The comforting milky formula is a three-in-one product that cleanses skin, removes makeup, and restores hydration to the skin while balancing its pH. "Baby Cheeks is the 'I don't feel like washing my face tonight' product," says Deven Hopp, VERSED's Brand + Education Director. "Makeup removal and face washing are often the skincare steps approached most begrudgingly; they also happen to be some of the most important. So we wanted to make those ever-important steps easier and more effective." Bamboo extract and coconut water are key players in this nourishing mix, and all you need is a pump or two on a cotton pad to gie skin a fresh look and replenished feel.

The other toner I can't get enough of is the radiance-enhancing Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Solution:

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Over on the other side of the spectrum, Weekend Glow brightens skin and helps minimize unevenness in skin tone from acne scars to dark spots. "Acne is a big concern of our community and the population as a whole, and there are so many products that target the active breakout. After the breakout has healed, however, there's often hyperpigmentation left behind," shares Hopp. "That's why we created something that was easy to use, easy to fit into your existing routine, and that works, which meant finding the right blend of acids and brightening agents." While chemical exfoliants can sometimes be intense and irritating, this daily toner's four-acid complex is fairly gentle, while still super effective. Kojic and azelaic acids, AHAs, and bearberry extract are the key ingredients giving your skin that exfoliating glow, and if you're really looking to see a change in your tone, you swipe this baby on morning and night.

Courtesy of VERSED

My final verdict? VERSED has absolutely nailed their first two toners, and while both can help out any skin type, I especially recommend Baby Cheeks for dry skin or anyone using harsh, drying acne treatments within their routine, as it can provide an extra boost of hydration. If you've struggled with scarring and seek a clear, radiant complexion, Weekend Glow is the move. That's not to say you can't use them together, though — I opt for Baby Cheeks every day, and reach for Weekend Glow when my skin needs some extra TLC. To snag both new toners and put them to the test, hit up the VERSED site now and be on the lookout at your local target come Jan. 26.