The Entire Urban Outfitters Site Is BOGO For Black Friday & There Are 8 Days Of Even More Sales

Still on the hunt for a sale that's worthwhile this Black Friday? The search ends here: Urban Outfitters' 2018 Black Friday sale is a combination of various discounts spanning a total of eight full days, and each deal is better than the next. If you're an UO Rewards Member, the sale starts today, so stop what you're doing and head to their site; if you're not a member, you've still got a few days before you buy, but be sure to read on to know exactly what great savings are in store.

According to the Urban Outfitters PR department, anyone that is part of the UO Rewards program will receive 20 percent off their entire purchase from Monday, Nov. 19 through Tuesday, Nov. 20, per Bustle. The sale opens up to the rest of the public from Wednesday, Nov. 21 to Black Friday, Nov. 23, when the entire site becomes part of a BOGO (buy one, get one 50 percent off) sale that will last all day.

When Black Friday ends, the savings still continue. Urban Outfitters PR also tells Bustle that anyone buying on Saturday, Nov. 24, can take advantage of a whopping 30 percent off of sale items. The other weekend deal on Sunday, Nov. 25, is exclusive to UO Rewards Members, who can take $10 off $50 purchases, $25 off $100 purchases, and $50 off $150 orders.

You thought that was it? LOL, not so fast.

No really, I'm not joking, there's more. Happy Cyber Monday, y'all! From Nov. 21 through Monday, Nov. 26, the Urban Outfitters website will offer free worldwide shipping on any order that exceeds $50. Urban Outfitters PR also tells Bustle that even more deals will be revealed to shoppers on the site during Cyber Monday.

Different UO locations will offer different sale starting periods, so I highly suggest you use the Store Locator to find your nearest Urban and take a pre-sale trip to familiarize yourself with the goods:

Yes, UO is chock full of trendy clothes, but they've also got tons of beauty, tech, and home items to choose from as well, so if you're really trying to pick up a gift for everyone during the Black Friday sales szn, this should without a doubt be one of the stores at the top of your Must-Check-Out list.

Personally though, I do need to amp up my winter wardrobe, particularly when it comes to coats. If I see one more blogger or chic Instagram girl rocking the UO Demi Chevron Cropped Puffer Jacket ($109,, I'm going to have to buy it for myself, and there's a 99 percent chance someone will post it in the next few days, so I'm regarding this purchase as practically inevitable.

Imagine layering this pink and blue puffer over this sky blue Fila + UO Teddy Hoodie Sweatshirt ($75, I would literally never dress up again, because this combo would make my loungewear more stylish than any LBD I could possibly own.

Some exclusions may apply when it comes to what's on sale, but it will definitely include some of UO's most popular brands and pieces, so it's totally worth taking advantage of at least one (or more!) of the numerous days of deals.