Today's Ulta 21 Days Of Beauty Sale Has Half Off Clinique Liners & This Cult-Favorite Moisturizer


There will soon come a day when Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty reach their end, and when said day comes, I promise to stop tempting you with too-good-too-resist skincare and makeup discounts, but until then, good morning, let's get to shopping. Fingers crossed you've already started to recieve some of your 21 Days orders in the mail (I, for one, have an uncomfortable amount of just-arrived Ulta packages at my feet as we speak.), but if you're still looking for the deal that inspires you to Add to Cart, know that Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty March 28 sale has Clinique and philosophy products for half off, so today could totally be your day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the way the beauty world has grown and advanced over the past few years, and you best believe I fall in love with pretty much any and all new launches. That said, there's something special about cult classics — products I grew up seeing everywhere, that have held their own and stood the test of time against all the competition. The original philosophy Hope In A Jar ($39, Ulta) is absolutely one of these products in my eyes, so when I found out the philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar ($20, originally $39, Ulta) was included in today's sale, I couldn't believe my luck.

Hope In A Jar is exactly what it sounds like: A total savior for skin in need of hydration and refining.

The OG Hope In A Jar boasted the best hydrating and moisturizing technology plus AHAs to gently exfoliate and reveal a refreshed complexion, but Renewed Hope In A Jar goes above and beyond, which is why it's the formula I'll personally opt for when given the choice. It's got a triple-blend of AHAs to really rid your complexion of dead skin and dullness, three types of hyaluronate to add moisture, and Asian fruit extract to aid in microcirculation and get you looking glowy. I dare say it's a product I need, not just one I want.

Now, for the product I want, courtesy of another iconic brand: Clinique.

If you only look to Clinique for skincare, congratulations, you're playing yourself. The brand actually has a ton of fantastic makeup products as well, and the Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense ($9, originally $18, Ulta) is a staple for any makeup bag.

Available in nine shades, from basic black and brown to fun pops of ivy green and midnight blue, this liner is one of those never-fail products that applies like a dream and lasts as long as you'd like.

The best part? It's a swivel-up pencil, so no need to worry about sharpening it, or it ever getting too dull. Beauty doesn't have to be pain, y'all:

In addition to these bomb philosophy and Clinique sales, today's Ulta deals include 50 percent off of Buxom lippies and Dermadoctor peel pads, so Ulta has yet again managed to bless and ovewhelm me. Well done.