Hannah B. Did The Nicest Thing For Tyler C. Even After They Moved On

ABC + Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment

Well, everyone, it looks like the Tyler Cameron/Hannah Brown/Gigi Hadid love triangle might have a happy ending after all. Tyler Cameron's quote about Hannah Brown and his dad shows that the two exes are on good terms — and they’ve even talked since he started seeing Hadid! TBH, as much as I had hoped Cameron and Brown would end up together, I can settle with them being friends post-breakup. It sounds like everyone is in a healthy place and ready to move forward.

On the Bachelor Party podcast on Tuesday, Aug. 27, Cameron explained that his dad was recently in the hospital, and that Brown had gotten in touch to show support for him. “She reached out to me when my dad was sick. That was super sweet of her. She’s a great person,” he said. “There’s no hard feelings.” Brown first met Cameron’s family during their hometown date in Jupiter, Florida. Cameron was super open with her about his dad’s health battles and how it almost kept him from going on the show. And even now, after their relationship is over, Brown clearly remains on good terms with his family.

Cameron went on to say on the podcast that he wants the best for Brown. “She’s super sweet and I hope nothing but the best for her. She’s going to crush Dancing With the Stars. She better go win that Mirrorball.” Despite everything they’ve been through together, it’s nice to see that they’re still talking and cheering each other on.

This is big news because up until this point, there was no evidence to suggest Cameron and Brown were even speaking, let alone trying to be friends again. After all, their past is a little uncomfortable (to say the least). On the heels of their whirlwind romance on The Bachelorette, Brown broke Cameron’s heart to get engaged to Jed Wyatt, only to end things with Wyatt once she found out he had lied to her about a previous girlfriend. Then, on the season finale, Brown asked Cameron out for drinks — and two days later, they spent the night together.

But then, Cameron moved to New York and started seeing none other than Hadid. And as much as fans were shipping him and Brown, the heart wants what it wants — and Cameron and Hadid seem to be heating up fast. They’ve been spotted out on multiple dates, hanging out with Serena Williams, and even cozying up at the VMAs after-party. This couldn’t have been easy for Brown, who even admitted during a podcast interview that she had “beef” with Cameron for moving on so quickly (and publicly) with Hadid.

But all’s well that ends well, and it looks like Cameron and Brown have put the past behind them. It doesn’t seem like they’ll get back together anytime soon, but that might be for the best. Brown is spending time investing in herself — and rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars — and Cameron is living his best life in NYC. Three cheers for moving on and moving forward!