Hannah B. Says She Wishes Tyler Would've Waited A Little Longer To Date Gigi

by Christy Piña
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette may be over, but because the ending wasn't exactly typical, the hype surrounding her dating life is still very much alive. Although she chose Jed Wyatt over Tyler Cameron, she called off their engagement five weeks later. During the After The Final Rose special, she asked Cameron on a date, and they went on it! But Cameron was spotted out with Gigi Hadid two days later. Womp. Of course, being the gem she is, Hannah Brown's quotes about Tyler Cameron dating Gigi Hadid prove she's just living her life, with or without him.

During the latest episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, hosted by Bachelorette alums Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, Brown opened up about how she really feels when it comes to the whole Cameron-Hadid dating thing. "I guess I find it disrespectful," Lindsay told Hannah. "It's kind of like, bro, slow your roll. You're on Twitter talking about 'Hannah's the queen' and preaching about respect, but then you're being a little disrespectful by dating her in such a public way where you know it's going to get so much attention. I think that's my beef with it," and Brown agreed. "I think that's my beef with it, too," she said. "We are not dating-dating, at all, we hung out, but we also had conversations of both, like, knowing that there's still something there."


"When you are in the public eye, you do have to just be respectful of each other," Brown continued on the August 7 episode of the podcast. "And yeah, I wish I would've got a little bit more than two days, but, you know, it's OK." When Hannah was asked if she was hurt by how Cameron handled things, she took a moment to think about how to answer the question. "He has every right to do whatever he wants because we were, you know, just hanging out, seeing where it goes," she pointed out. "And I am completely fine with that. It was a little confusing, but he can do whatever he wants to, and I know that I can, too."

She owned up to her feelings and explained she still has high standards for any man she dates. "I am going to continue going onward and upward. I just think that I’ve made it very clear — I have no shame in saying, yeah, I had feelings," Brown stated. "Totally did. Totally still have feelings but, at the same time, I am not tied to any man or tied to Tyler, and I’m not going to be. Everything that I said that I feel like I want, deserve, the type of respect that I want from a man, I still believe that," she continued. "I still am going to hold those standards for any man in my life. So, I am going to wait on a man to give me that."

Brown may have told Entertainment Tonight on July 31 that it would be a little hard for her to see Cameron as the next Bachelor, but when asked about it on Bachelor Happy Hour, her response was different. "I mean, I think he likes to date around, so maybe he would be a good Bachelor," she said, laughing. Shady! I like it.

Overall, Brown seems to be struggling a bit, while simultaneously working through the motions of trying to heal. "How I handle stuff, I don't know if it's healthy or not, but there are days where I don't even think about it," she said. "I just truck through, singing some Lizzo but not thinking about anything, loving life. And then there are days, or just moments, that I'm like, 'Oh my gosh. What just happened to me? What have I just been through? Did I just fight four wars?' It's been really hard, I'm not even going to pretend it hasn't been. There's so many layers to what's been hard." But the most important thing is, Alabama Hannah is doing her d*mn best.

"I think I'm actually processing it the best way, because it's OK to be upset, it's OK to be mad, and it's OK to be hopeful for the future, and I'm feeling all of those things," she continued. "But I'm trying to make sure that the hope is the thing that outweighs the other stuff." Just keep on fighting, Hannah B., you can do this! We're all rooting for you.