Hannah's Body Language With Jed Vs. Tyler On 'After The Final Rose’ Is So Different


For those of you who watched Season 15 of The Bachelorette, you know the conclusion to Hannah's journey was non-traditional. Sure, she picked Jed Wyatt, but the revelation that he had a girlfriend during his time on the show ultimately caused Hannah to end their engagement. The Bachelorette herself got the chance to confront both her ex-fiancé and her runner up during the finale special, and Hannah's body language with Jed vs. Tyler on 'After The Final Rose,' couldn't have been more of a contrast. Although it was obvious that Tyler was America's favorite and the clear front runner of the season, Hannah seemed swayed by her gut and ended up disappointed.

During the After The Final Rose portion of the night, Hannah confronted Jed, and it became clear that there's will be zero rekindling of their romance for the time being. But fans were more than pleasantly surprised when the romance between Hannah and Tyler seemed to still have potential. When he went on stage, Hannah's face visibly lit up, and she admitted to still having feelings for the Florida native. She even asked him out to drinks, and he enthusiastically said yes.

To better understand how Hannah's body language with the two men differed, I spoke to body language expert Traci Brown. Here's what she had to say.

Hannah's still upset with Jed.

"[It] looks like they're having a standoff for sure," Brown tells Elite Daily. "She's got that angry stare and his eyebrows indicate worry or sadness." It easy to see why Hannah would still be upset with Jed after the way he blatantly lied to her. According to Brown, she's still pretty upset about the situation. "She's pissed and ready for him to leave," says Brown. "She's got an icy stare that indicates anger — which I think she's generally got a lot of — and here we see it coming out."

She probably hasn't forgiven him for betraying her.

Brown also noted that as their conversation went on, Hannah's feelings didn't soften one bit. When asked whether she would be ready to forgive Jed for lying about his relationship status during their entire courtship and take him back, Hannah's "icy stare" reveals she's not letting him off the hook. Brown says there's "not a chance" that she's ready to forgive him and take him back because she's obviously "still pissed."

There's still a connection between Hannah and Tyler.

Although things between Hannah and Jed were clearly over, it looked like she and Tyler might still have a chance, explains Brown. "They look great," says Brown. "There's a tenderness here that's surfacing. He must have said something flattering because she's smiling with her eyes but holding back (likely happy) emotions with her mouth just a little tense." The fact that they're leaning toward each other also indicates feelings of affection.

Their smiles reveal a 'warmth.'

"She's reaching for him with her hand on his knee and there's a warmth in their smiles," says Brown. After all, there was plenty to smile about when Hannah expressed that she still had lingering feelings for Tyler and that she'd like to meet for drinks. I think he's really happy that there's possibility," explains Brown. "It's reserved happiness — she's reaching for him, not the other way around."

Although we can only hope things work out between Hannah and Tyler, based on their body language, Brown felt confident that the couple still has potential. If things don't work out, hopefully, our wishes will be granted and Tyler will end up being the next Bachelor. Only time will tell.