Jed’s Meeting With Hannah’s Parents On 'The Bachelorette' Finale Did Not Go Well

Anyone who's ever had to meet the family of the person they're seeing knows how nerve-wracking it can be. And when you're in a dating competition that's televised and watched by millions of people, it's probably much, much worse. Fans saw that for themselves on the first night of Hannah B.'s season finale, when Jed’s meeting with Hannah’s parents on The Bachelorette went less than smoothly. To be totally honest, it was tough to watch, so you can imagine how awkward it was to experience it in person.

Jed's parental meetup came right on the heels of their rendezvous with Tyler, which was truly a tough act to follow. Both Hannah's mom, Susanne Brown, and her dad, Robert Brown, were very impressed by what they learned from Tyler, and they expressed very positive feelings about his relationship with Hannah. In fact, Robert, who fans soon find out isn't necessarily an easy man to please, called Tyler "the real deal."

Unfortunately for Jed, his meeting with the Browns was not so warm and fuzzy. Right off the bat, he seemed a little awkward when he started conversing with the Browns — but again, nerves are totally understandable in a situation like his. But it didn't get much better from there.

The biggest standout from the meeting was Jed's one-on-one with Robert, who revealed he wasn't at all thrilled about Jed's musical career path. When Hannah's dad expressed concern about the financial stability of a career as a professional musician, Jed seemed a little thrown off.

To be sure, many creatives don't go into their chosen fields for the money; they do it because it's what they love. But that doesn't mean Jed hasn't thought about how his passion for music could affect his financial situation. After being prompted by Robert, Jed revealed one of his biggest career wins to date (at the time of filming the show, that is): He had signed a deal with a dog food company to record a jingle.

Though the revelation brought out some quips from fans on Twitter, landing something like the dog food deal can actually be a pretty exciting step for an up-and-coming musician. Even so, Robert did not seem too impressed.

"We just want to make sure this is the right fit, because it's one cohesive family," he told Jed, meaning if Jed married Hannah, he'd be entering the Brown family.

The Brown family's apprehension was not lost on Jed. "I feel a little confused," he told the camera after the conversation. "It seemed like they were mainly concerned with the financial aspect of the relationship ... They don’t think I’m adequate, or something."

Following that, it was Hannah's turn to speak with her parents about what they thought of Jed. Those conversations, too, weren't easy to watch. Hannah's mom couldn't seem to get Tyler out of her head, while her dad was still fixated on Jed's career and finances.

While both of Hannah's one-on-ones with her folks left her visibly upset, it was the latter that especially stuck out. Hannah's dad argued that as the "man of the house," Jed should be expected to provide for Hannah financially, and he was concerned Jed's job as an aspiring country star would not allow that to happen. Robert's heart definitely seemed to be in the right place, especially since he pointed out that many marital problems stem from issues with money, and he wanted to protect his daughter from that. However, Hannah offered a strong counterpoint, explaining that she doesn't need a man to support her financially. "I’m going to be able to provide for my family, too," she told her dad.

In the end, Jed's date with Hannah's parents did not leave anyone feeling good. After it was all over, Hannah and Jed met up to chat about how it went, and it was a very somber affair. Hannah was extremely distraught, and even spoke to Jed about how he measured up with her parents compared to his only remaining competition, Tyler. Afterward, he comforted Hannah, telling her: "You know that I believe in us, but, more than anything, I believe in you."

Will Jed overcome his rocky new relationship with the Brown parents to win Hannah's season of The Bachelorette? Fans can watch the second part of the finale at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 30 on ABC to find out.