People Are Tweeting About New Year's Resolutions For Pets & It's Pawsitively Adorable

by Collette Reitz

Whether or not you're into making new year's resolutions, there's one thing almost everyone can agree on going into 2018: you love your pets. It almost doesn't even matter what they're doing, because somehow your pup or your cat will simply find a way to make whatever they're doing the cutest thing. So, you might be surprised to find out that fido or fluffy have some things they want to work on in the coming year. Thankfully, as with most things your domesticated furry friends do, these tweets about new year's resolutions for pets are more silly than serious.

As the year winds down, the @HashtagRoundup Twitter account decided to ask about what people's pets were hoping to accomplish in 2018 with the hashtag #NewYearsResolutionsForPets. They posted the hashtag on Sunday morning, Dec. 31, and the answers are, of course, too cute not to share. There's also a very good chance that you'll close out 2017 with a big grin on your face after you read about the ways your favorite four-legged pals plan to improve themselves in the new year. These tweets really are the purrfect (sorry, I had to) remedy to turn around a bad day.

Take a look for yourself, and let the smiling begin.

With skills like these, taking "more selfies" is definitely a manageable resolution in 2018.

Take notes, pups (and people).

Trying to "be more cooperative at bath time" is a noble goal indeed.

Although, that "anti-bath" pose is quite impressive, TBH.

"2018 will be the year I catch the red dot!"

You're so close!

Humans do very much enjoy sleeping in.

Kitty alarms aren't the worst way to wake up, though.

Bedtime habits seem to be popular on the pet resolution list.

If your cuddle buddy is that cute, you could always just a buy bigger bed.

Fitting in is totally overrated.

Aww, spreading the love in 2018.

At least this cat's version of "obsessing over boxes" looks an awful lot like "being adorable."

A different "pre-wash" method might be more effective, but will it be as cute?

Wow, it turns out that our pets have a lot on their minds as they go through their days. While it's always good to better yourself, I don't think these guys should stress out over their new year's resolutions too much in 2018.

Pets really do like to get in on all the holiday action that their humans partake in. Why shouldn't they, though, because they can celebrate just as much as their owners. Need proof? Take a look at these dogs that got into the New Year's Eve spirit with nothing more than a festive hat.

Back to the hallmark of this better-yourself holiday. If you're determined to stick to a resolution of your own in 2018, you can get some inspiration from royal-to-be Meghan Markle's thoughts on new year's resolutions. Need more than that? No problem: As 2017 was drawing to a close, people took to Twitter to share their accomplishments from the past year. Any time you get a little discouraged with your own 2018 goals, you can get give your resolution resolve a reboot by checking out these resolutions people accomplished in 2017.

When it comes to resolutions, though, people have a hard enough time making those stick, so I think it's safe to let the puppers and kitties off the hook for that one. Although, if pets resolving to make new friends results in more videos of dogs and cats adorably hugging each other, then I am very much here for it.

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