12 Dogs In New Year's Eve Hats Who Are Literally Our Spirit Animals

New Year's Eve is the last night of the year to really look your best. You want to wow your friends when you walk into the party. When picking out your outfit, you can't have enough sparkles and accessories. The same goes for your dog. They also need to get in on the glitz and glam of the holiday by dressing up, which is why you can find many dogs in New Year's Eve hats. Especially when you've had a ruff year, you want to end it on a high note by standing out in a crowd. A New Year's Eve hat immediately adds class to any pooch wearing one.

These 12 dogs in New Year's Eve hats are to die for, and I mean it. I literally can't even when seeing these pups so pleased with themselves in their New Year's best. I guess we should all quit trying to have the best outfit, because we know who already won. That's true fashion right there. We're pawsitive that you'll have an amazing New Year's Eve after seeing these pooches in their sparkly hats. 2018 is fur real going to be the best year yet, so move over 2017, because the dogs are out and we're ready to party!

You Have Our Permission To Be As Extra As You Want
mattlieb20 on Twitter

It's OK to be a little extra on New Year's Eve. It's all about standing out after all. This pup totally gets that, and also knows that you're never fully dressed without a smile.

On New Year's, We Wear Pink
haley_kelleyy on Twitter

This pup is so pleased to be wearing a pink hat. Honestly, pink is your color. You should wear it more often. It brings out the color in your fur.

This Pup Is Partying It Up
itscristabelle on Twitter

Hey doggy, don't look down. You need to be proud of that party hat you're wearing, because you look absolutely fab in it. The party don't start 'til you walk in.

Doggy, You're Looking Classy AF
annapasadyn on Twitter

This dog knows there is no such thing as being overdressed for New Year's. He's wearing a top hat and tail. Hey pup, you're looking regal, and we're totally impressed.

Little Dog, Big Hat
almc720 on Twitter

Some dogs wear tiny hats, and some wear big hats. This doggy is wearing a hat that's just a little too big for him. That doesn't stop him from looking great. Remember, you wear the hat, the hat doesn't wear you.

A Precious Little New Year's Baby
official_mopee on Twitter

This little pup is just as excited about 2018 as Baby New Year. He's dressed in his best, and just looking for you to give him some compliments. Don't worry pup, you're looking hella fly and we can't wait to ring in the new year with you.

You're A Golden Boy
daffodil_iris on Twitter

Your outfit goals are to sparkle as bright as the ball in Times Square. This dog absolutely exceeds that goal in this golden hat. It also totally matches his fur. No need to call the fashion police, because this pooch is winning.

A Round Of Appaws For This Pup
socontagious19 on Twitter

Pup, you're looking dapper in your New Year's top hat. Sometimes all you need is the right accessory to make the outfit. You totally get that.

A Dog In A Hat Is Such A Good Boy
lightzuko on Twitter

This dog is getting extra cuddles tonight for being such a good boy, and wearing this party hat. You're looking great. I think we're both getting treats tonight, because seeing you in this hat is surely a treat for me.

Too Glam To Give A Damn
dogtreatnews on Twitter

I just can't with this puppy. I never knew I needed feathers in a New Year's hat until I saw you. You are the epitome of fashion, and I only hope I can look as good as you.

You're A New Year's Princess
watsonnikki7 on Twitter

I want to yell, "yass queen," when this dog walks into the room. You know all eyes are on you when you look this great. Tinsel and shine? Yes, please. This is the only princess I want to be talking about.

This Pup Is Getting Ready For The Final Countdown
metzfan31 on Twitter

As the countdown begins, you want to cuddle close to the one you want to kiss at midnight. This dapper pup deserves all the kisses for looking his best. I fur real hope you have the happiest of New Years.