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TikTok's Viral Lasagna Soup Recipe Makes A Quick & Im-pasta-bly Cozy Meal

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Just because the cravings hit doesn't mean you have the energy to cook what you want the moment you want it. For instance, if you're hungry for some lasagna, you may not want to exhaust yourself with all the steps it takes to make a full dish. That's when TikTok's viral lasagna soup recipe comes in to save the day. It has everything you love about a traditional lasagna, but is thrown all together in one easy to clean up pot.

Not only does it save you time, but it's extra cozy. It's perfect for those chilly days when all you want to do is wrap yourself up in a blanket and sit on the couch. It's also cozy in a sense that it'll remind you of all those home-cooked meals you had as a kid with your fam. Not to mention soup is a great lunch option any day of the week, so if you weren't convinced before, now you must try this viral lasagna soup.

You can always count on TikTok to help you out with any cooking challenge you have. So, use any of these seven lasagna soup recipes as your guide to whip up a delicious and warm meal in no time.

Creamy Lasagna Soup

Some TikTokers credit TikToker @gigishomemaking for being the lasagna soup trendsetter, so you must try GiGi's recipe. In one pot, add everything like the beef, tomato sauce, broth, lasagna noodles, and seasoning to cook. While that's happening, mix together your cheeses, like ricotta and mozzarella, to add to the soup. This is what gives this particular recipe its creamy texture.

Vegan Meat Lasagna Soup

It's clear from TikToker @serenaslayss' recipe that as long as you have the basics, you can make a tasty lasagna soup. Instead of ground beef, some vegan beefless meat is used to make this semi-vegan soup. If you want a full vegan recipe, replace the beef broth with some vegetable broth and use vegan ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

Lasagna Soup With The Cheese On Top

Instead of a creamy soup with the cheese mixed in, try TikToker @hungryhappens' recipe. Unlike the previous recipes, in this one, you add a scoop of ricotta cheese on top as a garnish. This makes your soup more broth-based than cream-based.

Bread Bowl Lasagna Soup

Lasagna soup is already delicious on its own, but put it in a bread bowl and it's im-pasta-bly good. TikToker @culinaryflaire decided to try @gigishomemaking's OG lasagna soup recipe, but made some homemade bread bowls as well to serve it in. The end result is something any foodie would love to try.

Extra Cheesy Lasagna Soup

If you're a cheese lover, you'll want to try TikToker @hayjar99's recipe. Instead of a scoop of ricotta cheese mix on top, the final step of this recipe is to sprinkle shredded cheese all over. Depending on how much you want, you can make this soup extra cheesy and delicious.

Lentil Lasagna Soup

TikToker @krisslovesfood upgrades the OG lasagna soup recipe by adding tons of vegetables. In this recipe, there are foods like carrots, spinach, and lentils added in. It just shows that you can really have fun with your own recipe, and make something that is also like a perfect combination of a lentil soup and a lasagna soup.

Crushed-Up Lasagna Soup

The key to getting the perfect lasagna soup is to make sure your lasagna noodles are the right size. You can either break up the long pieces by hand, or use TikToker @taylormorganbrown's method by crushing them up. Whatever method you use, just make sure your pasta is bite-sized so you can easily scoop it out with your spoon.

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