A woman in her kitchen recreates this tomato soup recipe on TikTok.
TikTok's Viral Tomato Soup Recipe Is "Back & Better Than Ever"
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There's something so comforting about tomato soup. When you're feeling under the weather or in need of a pick-me-up, enjoying this creamy dish is akin to giving your soul a nice warm hug. You never know when your next craving for this soothing bowl of deliciousness will come, but when it does, it'll come quick. To prepare, you'll want to bookmark this tomato soup recipe on TikTok. This classic dish is cheesy, zesty, and after the first spoonful, it will leave you saying, "Ah."

You may have already seen this recipe on TikTok on your "For You" page when it first went viral back in January 2021, courtesy of TikToker @yessidothecookingg. But it seems that people aren't done slurping up this dish, because the recipe is trending once again. This time, it's with an updated version of the recipe that was posted more recently by the same TikToker, and according to their latest video, "It's back and better than ever."

If only smell-o-vision was real, because once you get a look at these tasty tomato soup recipes on TikTok, you'll be wishing you could get a whiff of these aromatic dishes. Besides reminding you of a fresh summer garden, these soups make a great addition to your dinner table as a starter, the main dish, or as a companion to your fave grilled cheese. They're easy to put together too, so even if you constantly burn your toast, you can rest easy knowing that TikTok's got your back.

This Is The Original Version Of The Recipe

What better way to start than with the classic viral version? In the original trending tomato soup recipe, the veggies (tomatoes, garlic, red bell pepper, and onions) are roasted in the oven and blended together before being simmered in a pot. Once they're cooked, the recipe calls for balsamic glaze, sugar, cayenne, vegetable stock, heavy cream, tomato paste, and basil to add to the mixture. You can fully recreate this video by enjoying your soup with mushroom grilled cheese and topping it with croutons for added crunch.

This Viral Recipe Breaks Down Each And Every Step

Next up is the currently trending tomato soup recipe from the OG viral tomato soup TikToker. Their latest TikTok is a more in-depth version of their first upload. It still follows the same method of roasting the veggies, blending them, and then adding them to a pot to boil. This time around, though, they get real herbaceous. This version roasts the veggies in the oven with basil and tops their soup off with even more basil. Without a doubt, this is one refreshing spin.

This Recipe Spices Things Up

If you love a little heat, this spicier version of tomato soup is for you. TikToker @sandybites adds hot peppers and thyme to their pan to roast along with their tomatoes. They also top this recipe off with coconut cream in place of heavy cream and finish with a drizzle of pesto for a soup bursting in flavor.

This Tomato Soup Recipe Has An Elegant Finish

Just like in the original recipe, TikToker @sulheejessica roasts tomatoes, onions, garlic, and a bell pepper in the oven in their version. But unlike the first recipe, this tomato soup calls for thyme to their sheet pan and uses chicken stock in their blender. They also keep to a minimalist presentation, adding just a single basil leaf to finish. The results are truly elegant.

This Version Is Vegan-Friendly

Your eyebrows may raise when you find out there's no cream or dairy in this tomato soup recipe even though it looks thick AF. The secret? For starters, this method requires an additional step of straining the soup after its roasted and blended together so there's no skin or seeds in the soup. Then, the mixture is given a long simmer to really thicken up. Once you see how this recipe comes together like magic for yourself, you may even be inspired to bake a little crostini as this video demonstrates for the perfect pairing with your soup.

This Tomato Soup Recipe Is Full Of Pesto Swirls

Tomato soup or a work of art? Watching this TikTok recipe might have you mistaking the two as this soup is so artfully decorated. To make this masterful creation, roast onion, garlic, basil, chilis, and cherry tomatoes in a pan. When it comes out of the oven, blend the ingredients together with coconut milk, olive oil, and veggie stock. Pour into your bowl with more coconut milk and pesto and swirl the colors arounds to create your own abstract art piece. Then, hold for the applause as your roommates stare in awe of your beautifully crafted and tasty tomato soup.

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