TikTok Eye To Eye Challenge
This Viral TikTok Challenge Is Perfect To Play When You Reunite With Your BFFs

Between quarantine and virtual college, you might not have had the chance to physically hang out with your BFFs in months. Instead, you've had to get creative, using the duet feature on TikTok to record videos together, and participating in trends like "pass the phone." Luckily, your reunion is getting a lot closer, and TikTok's viral eye-to-eye challenge will make sure it's filled with wholesome fun.

This reunion has been a long time coming, but is likely owed to the fact that you and your friends are finally vaccinated. You've received the required amount of vaccine doses and completed the necessary waiting period as directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC notes that when you complete the waiting period, you're officially considered "fully vaccinated," and can hang out with your BFFs who are also fully vaccinated without a mask. (You still have to wear a mask in a public setting, though!) That means you can record TikTok's viral eye-to-eye challenge, which requires your crew to be in one room.

The challenge starts by placing a phone on the floor with the camera facing up. Your crew then stands in a circle around the phone and looks down at the camera. On your mark, everyone looks at someone else in the circle. The ultimate goal is to not make eye contact with someone else. If you do make eye contact with anyone else in the circle, you're eliminated, and the challenge moves to the next round. By the end of the challenge, there's one or two people left who are crowned the winners. From there, you clip the exact moments in each video where your crew looked up, and put it to "Down" by Jay Sean. These eye-to-eye challenge TikToks are sweet examples to follow, and a sneak peek at the wholesome fun to come.

This Video Shows How The Game Works

This first video is a perfect visual explanation of the game and how it works. Created by @cheyennewoon, it shows a group of friends standing in a circle and playing the game like total pros. As friends match up, the crew giggles, points fingers, and looks totally shocked.

This video shows the final person as the loser of the game, but you can play where the final person is the winner, too.

This Video Uses The Sky As A Backdrop

When you're filming your own eye-to-eye challenge, take a note from TikToker @heyitsmecaitlyn and give your group a sweet backdrop. This crew plays the game on a sunny day, so there's not a single cloud in the sky.

The bright blue backdrop makes it easy to see who wins and who's eliminated each round. As you can see in the video, the user puts emojis on the clips, too, to make it clear to their BFFs and followers who is succeeding at the challenge.

This Video Eliminates Multiple BFFs At Once

Whether you play the game with a large or small group of BFFs, you can still run into the situation in this eye-to-eye challenge video. In this video, @teambayan.offcl shows how multiple BFFs can be eliminated at once, if two pairs make eye contact at the right time. While this does speed up the game, you can always play again with your friends at your reunion. That's the beauty of the challenge!

This Video Ends With A Sole Winner

Depending on how many people you start the game with, you could end up being the sole winner, as @callmesxbby shows in their eye-to-eye challenge video. After every elimination goes down, one friend is left standing. They're awarded the trophy emoji and a celebratory cheer from their entire crew. We stan.

This Video Is Perfectly Synced To The Song

Last but not least is this video from TikToker @marccacg_, that's synced perfectly to the song. You can tell they had the audio clip playing — maybe within the app or via a streaming service — when they were playing the game, because every friend looks up right on beat.

The final video has so much suspense, and gives users time to place their bets on who will be eliminated. It also shows there's more than one way to record the eye-to-eye challenge.