Fans Are Pissed Over This Video Of Tristan Thompson Ignoring Khloé K On NYE

by Jamie LeeLo
Instagram/Khloé Kardashian

I, like you, have been wondering what's the latest with Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. This past year was particularly wild for the reality TV star and NBA player as they welcomed their first daughter, True, into the world as fans were simultaneously learning that Thompson had cheated on Kardashian. It was... not ideal. Since then, fans have watched in wonder as the two continue to try to work on their relationship. However, a new video of Tristan Thompson ignoring Khloé Kardashian dancing on New Year's Eve just threw gasoline on an already raging fire. Keeping Up With The Kardashian fans are all echoing the same sentiment — Tristan, do better, bro.

I'm certain you were there when Thompson cheated, so I'll spare you the long winded details. In a nutshell, videos surfaced of Thompson seemingly kissing multiple women at a nightclub while Kardashian was about to go into labor in Cleveland. Initially, fans were outraged. However, Kardashian made it clear her interest was in doing whatever was best for her new daughter, which meant finding a way to make peace with True's father. It's now eight months later and Thompson and Kardashian have been through the wringer. He blocked and unblocked her sisters on social media, fans booed him at his basketball games, and Khloé's consistently being dragged for not leaving him. However, most of us are over here like, "We'll follow your lead, Khlo."

So, when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West threw a huge Christmas Eve party and Khloé shared tons of photos of herself and True, but none of them featured Tristan, I sort of thought, "OK, this is it. They're really over." However, wrong again! Thompson popped up in Khloé's Instagram stories documenting their New Year's Eve celebration and they were smiling, kissing her, and generally acting like everything is just fine.

Then — pause for dramatic effect — The Shade Room released this video of Khloé trying to dance with Tristan while he pretty much out-and-out ignored her. Take a look.

In this video, Khloé is clearly seen trying to get Tristan's attention so he will dance with her. She even rolls her eyes as he keeps talking to his friends.

Fans were annoyed AF too, writing things like, "Keep moving Khloé just keep moving," "this makes me feel sad," and "SMH." There were a lot of other four letter words being thrown around, but you guys get the picture.

Meanwhile, Khloé was only sharing the good parts. Both she and Tristan shared photos of the two snuggling up, smiling, and even kissing. She also shared this NYE filtered video of herself and Tristan clubbing. In it, Tristan yells, "Happy New Year!" and Khloé can be heard asking, "That's it?" This prompted him to add, "God bless everybody. Don't drink and drive."

Thompson later posted a photo of himself nuzzling into Khloé's neck with the caption, "Live Laugh Love. Happy New Years momma."


OK. So what do we know now? We know that Khloé and Tristan spent New Year's Eve together, so they aren't broken up. We also know they posted sweet pictures together, and we know Tristan missed Khloé's dancing advances. (But, hey, maybe he just honestly didn't notice?)

Everybody clear? Here we come 2019. Buckle in.