The Video Of Park Bo-gum Surprising BTS At Their Concert Is Friendship Goals


You can tell someone is a BTS fan from a mile away if they have any of the following: a slogan banner, light stick, or a BT21 headband. If they have on all three, they're most likely at a BTS concert. In BTS' latest Bangtan Bomb posted to BANGTANTV, one of their most famous fans surprised them backstage decked out in complete BTS-concert gear. Don't worry, they didn't sneak in. Oh no, that fan is a close personal friend of BTS who goes by the name Park Bo-gum. Ever heard of him? He's only one of the most famous K-Drama stars in existence. The video of Park Bo-gum surprising BTS at their Hong Kong concert is so sweet and total friendship goals.

Now, for some background info — Park is a really popular K-Drama actor who has starred in shows such as Hello Monster, Reply 1988, Love in the Moonlight, Encounter, and so many more. He's also served as a host for the South Korean music television show Music Bank. BTS has performed on Music Bank several times, and fans believe that was where BTS first met Park. The actor formed a close friendship with BTS, especially with V (because V is a social butterfly and everyone loves him, duh). Park and V's friendship only got stronger when V joined the acting scene by starring in the 2016 K-Drama, Hwarang.

Now, for the video — Park surprised RM, Suga, V, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope backstage sometime in March at one of their concerts in Hong Kong, and let me tell you, he looked like a total fanboy with his BTS concert merch. Since he wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans just like the rest of BTS, Jungkook pointed out that they all had matching outfits. It seemed that Park planned it that way, because according to a fan translation by Twitter user @BTSARMY_Salon, when Jungkook told Park Bo-gum about his outfit, the actor said, "Love Yourself" (the name of BTS' tour and a few of their albums). RM even called him a "true ARMY."

His whole outfit was adorable, but my personal favorite was his BT21 headband, which surprisingly wasn't of V's character Tata, but of Jungkook's character, Cooky. Watch out V, because Jungkook is coming for Park's bias! (But he still loves you, though.)

V asked his friend who gave him tickets, but Park said that he bought them himself. Wow, he really is a true fan because getting BTS tickets is a huge challenge. Props to him for scoring them, but also, please teach me your ways.

There were so many cute interactions in the video that I can't say them all, but another highlight was when Jin gave Park his goofy red sunglasses, which Jin wore on stage that night. Park, being the huge ARMY that he is, had a major fanboy moment and began singing "Anpanman" with the rest of BTS joining in.

Watch it all go down in the video below.

Park catching up with BTS just goes to show that BTS fans come from all different walks of life. From K-Drama stars and professional wrestlers to country singers and rappers, no one could resist the music (and charm) of BTS.