4 Members Of BTS Rocked New Hair Colors In Hong Kong, Making ARMYs Swoon Worldwide

by Jamie LeeLo
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The only thing more fun than chopping off my own hair and coloring it something outrageous is watching the members of BTS do it. The photos of BTS' Jimin, V, RM, and Suga's new hair colors in Hong Kong have ARMYs losing their cool, and I totally get it. People who can pull off truly any shade of the rainbow are like special unicorns and should be cherished as such, and all of the BTS boys fall in that category.

If you follow the K-pop group sensation, you know that they change their hair colors almost as often as they change clothes. Of course, ARMYs are going to have their opinions. It's not uncommon for a fan to wait for their favorite color to come back into rotation on their bias, and when it happens, it truly seems like the stars have aligned. Right now, ARMY president RM, top-brand-ranking Idol Jimin, king-of-serving-looks V, and rap-God Suga are rocking some vibrant, unexpected hues and people are living for it.

Jimin appeared on stage in Hong Kong with a bright cotton candy pink look that was a noticeable transition from his former lavender shade. RM and Suga both opted for an icy grey, and V went with an electric royal blue. (In my mind all I can think about is what his pillowcase must look like in the morning, but that's not the point here.)

Fans snapped photos of the four members' looks thanks to the mega screens at their performance.

Feast your eyes:

ARMYs were particularly delighted to be treated to the new looks after photos of the boys' arrival in the Hong Kong airport began circulating. In the images, the guys wore hats and hoods hiding their locks, which lead to a ton of speculation. In V's case, his bright blue shade popped out from under his hat which got the hype train a-rollin'.

The one lingering question I have is this: What will the BTS Mattel dolls' hair color be?! If you haven't heard, the iconic Barbie-making brand is coming out with toy replicas of your favorite band, and ARMYs are dying to see what their final looks will be. The dolls will be dressed in costumes from the "Idol" music video, so maybe we can count on the same hair colors from the video as well.

We do know that Mattel was meticulous in their design thanks to this one teaser image of RM's signature dimple. I can't quite make out what color they went with for his hair, but it actually looks like it could be a deep blue, too.

Look just below the doll's ear... do you guys see what I mean?

The suspense!

Fortunately, fans can purchase the BTS dolls sometime this summer and are free to do what they please with their hair once they have it. Something tells me these will eventually be collectors' items, so maybe don't go too wild, but you see what I'm saying.

We love the looks, guys! Thanks for always keeping us on our toes!