Nikki Bella Cried The Moment She Decided To Call Off Her Wedding & The Video Is Heartbreaking

by Karen Ruffini
YOUTUBE/E! ENTERTAINMENT/Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It feels like the relationship struggles between Nikki Bella and John Cena are never-ending, and it breaks my heart. I've been rooting for them ever since their engagement (and rooted for them harder when they called off their engagement), but it seems that more recently, things don't look too promising for the couple. I know, you guys. I'm pretty sad about it, too. We've been able to watch their relationship transpire into what it is today through Nikki's reality show, Total Bellas, and the season finale shows fans a video of Nikki Bella crying as she calls off her wedding, and I promise that watching it will leave you just as heartbroken as the day you found out they ended their relationship.

In a sneak peek of the Total Bellas season finale, fans see Nikki Bella talk to her twin sister Brie about how her relationship with John Cena has dissolved.

"It just sucks. I wish it could be different, and I think that’s why I’ve had almost six years of working on us and fighting and just taking in a lot," she said. "I just feel like I’ve hit the point that I’m just so exhausted and done."

We've seen Bella and Cena break up, then agree to get back together again a handful of times, but it seems that nothing this couple does to try and piece themselves back together again can stick permanently. It's hard to watch, but it must be even harder for the couple to come to this realization.

Bella then tells her sister that she knows what she needs to do in order to move forward, but doesn't want to hurt Cena's feelings by doing it.

"He’s waiting for my final decision. I think I know it, but I’m just afraid to say it," she said.

When Brie asks Nikki why she's afraid, her response will actually make you tear up, especially if you've ever been through a difficult breakup with someone you truly loved. She said:

I just don’t want to hurt him. It’s just hard when you love someone so much and care for them so much, but you just can’t do it anymore. It’s not his fault, it’s not my fault. We’ve had this amazing love story and it’s just come to an end.

This breaks my damn heart, you guys.

Their relationship has had so many twists and turns that you ultimately hope for them to live happily ever after, but this show proves that sometimes, that's not necessarily a possibility for everyone.

Fans also saw a clip from the season finale of Total Bellas that helped piece together why Nikki Bella called off her wedding to John Cena. After Brie bluntly asks her sister "what's going on" with her and John, Nikki responded honestly. "It’s tough because he’s, like, fighting really hard for me. And that makes it really tough," Nikki said. "There’s something that’s making me not, like, feel like I can walk down the aisle right now. That doesn’t mean never with him, I just can’t do it right now."

It's frustrating to see a couple you so desperately want to stay together go their separate ways, but Nikki Bella is tired, y'all, and I can't say I blame her.

Maybe these two really need to go and find themselves as individuals before they can come back together (or at all). Here's hoping that both can allow for a future where they can pause, reflect, and just take a deep breath.

So take your time, Nikki and John. We'll all be here waiting for you whenever you decide to come back.