This video of BTS' Jungkook's arm tattoos has so many ARMYs loving it.

BTS’ Jungkook Showed Off His Arm Tattoos Clearly For The First Time On Twitter

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans of BTS usually stan Jungkook and the other BTS cutting-edge sense of style, from their outfits to their hair. But there's been a huge fascination with Jungkook's arm tattoos ever since fans first spotted some ink back in September 2019. It seemed like more and more tattoos began to appear, but fans have never gotten to get a good look at them. Now, ARMYs are finally getting that chance. This video of BTS' Jungkook singing Lauv's "Never Not" has ARMYs freaking out, because the singer has put his ink on full display.

BTS fans know that it's rare to get a glimpse of Jungkook's arm tattoos because they're usually covered. There was an instance in the BTS music video for "ON," but it was such a quick flash of Jungkook's arm that no one got to see them long enough to focus on them. Thankfully, fans can get a good clear view of them now, thanks to a recent video post.

The official BTS Twitter account posted a video of Jungkook on Saturday, May 2. The clip shows him singing the song "Never Not" by Lauv, sitting on his bed, wearing a gray shirt and sweatpants. It's such a low-key vibe in the video, and Jungkook sways back and forth as he sings, letting his tattoos show for much longer than fans have ever seen them. The video lasts for about a minute and thirty seconds, and that is record-breaking compared to the tiny glimpse fans got in the "ON" music video.

So many Twitter users are losing it over Jungkook's arm tattoos and it's taking over social media:

One user even called him "The CEO of having the prettiest tattoos":

It's way too much for some ARMYs, and they're putting out an S.O.S, unsure of which thing to fan girl over first:

For some ARMYs, this is the ultimate dream come true:

Meanwhile, ARMYs have also been speculating about what role each BTS member will have in their second 2020 album. Although nothing had been officially announced as to who will do what, fans think the band has been dropping hints about which roles they're taking on. The boys have been live-streaming a lot more, showing some fun activities like RM and J-Hope's crafting VLIVE video.

The members of BTS have been doing an excellent job keeping ARMYs preoccupied with new posts and live streams. It's almost going to be impossible to top Jungkook's sweet song cover and arm tattoos, so fans are probably wondering what's next.