This Video Of Young Ariana Grande Singing A Celine Dion Classic Is Impressive AF

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This probably will not come as too much of a surprise, but it seems as though Ariana Grande has always been destined to be famous. She recently posted an old home video to Instagram which shows her belting out songs as a little kid, and to be completely honest, she did a far better job than I could ever dream of doing. So, if you haven't already had the chance to watch this video of Ariana Grande singing Celine Dion as a child, it is absolutely adorable, and it shows she was bound to be a legend from the very beginning. I am so shook right now.

On Saturday, Dec. 22, the "Side To Side" singer posted a black-and-white video to IG dating all the back to the '90s. Before I continue, let me preface this too cute vid with the a warning that your heart might actually explode from all the sweetness (OK, it won't actually explode, but you get what I mean). In the recording, Grande was most likely elementary school age, her hair was wild and curly, and for real — I have never seen a cuter kid in my entire life. Facing the camera, Grande was belting along to Celine Dion's "The Reason," and her voice sounds absolutely amazing. The caption says, "put it from the beginning fwankie," (LOL) and if you didn't already get the chance to watch the video on IG, do me a favor, and check out baby Ari, below. It's so darn cute.

OK, for real though, how beautiful was that? I truly cannot handle the amount of talent that woman has, even at such a young age.

The "No Tears Left To Cry" singer then proceeded to post yet another home video to her Instagram, but this time, the pop star was recorded singing along to Barbra Streisand. She was captured singing alongside her mom, and the caption reads, "we still sing this 🖤 she’s still barbara and still this stunning and cute if not more so ✨." Check it out, below.

AW wow, my heart is literally melting. Cutest mom-daughter relationship ever.

Also, can I take a moment to appreciate how Grande can pretty much pull off any look (and song). From belting out Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand as a curly-haired little girl, to her first time at the Video Music Awards when she was sporting a wholesome-as-heck headband, to the days when she was wearing that signature ponytail, to now, while she's currently rocking her new short haircut, the pop star has clearly gone through a ton of really awesome looks. The "thank u, next" singer obviously looks amazing in all of them, though, because there is absolutely no look that woman can't pull off. To be completely honest, I am so impressed.

Based on all of these newly released home videos, it's clear that Ariana Grande was always meant to be a star. Not only do the videos show that she's always been absolutely adorable, but they also demonstrate the fact that she's had a serious set of pipes since, like... birth. TBH, I've always loved Grande, but these old videos make me love her even more. Once an Arianator, always an Arianator.