OMG, Ashley Benson & G-Eazy Are Reportedly "In It For The Long Haul"

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Good news, everyone, because Ashley Benson and G-Eazy's future together is reportedly looking bright. On Jan. 14, a source for Us Weekly reportedly claimed the two are very serious about the relationship, which is reportedly still going strong. "Friends of hers thought he might just be a rebellious rebound, but there is real chemistry between them," the source reportedly claimed. "It looks like they are in it for the long haul."

TBH, when Benson got together with the rapper in May 2020 (which was soon after news of her split with Cara Delevingne went public), I didn't know what to think. However, the two appear to be doing just fine, even after eight months together. In fact, Benson and G-Eazy are reportedly "in a great place," according to the Us Weekly insider.

Since getting together, Benson and G-Eazy haven't been shy about showing off their love. In June 2020, the Pretty Little Liars alum took her beau as a date to her sister's wedding. Then, in December, G-Eazy celebrated Benson's birthday by sharing some sweet photos of her on Instagram. "Happy birthday beautiful @ashleybenson. I love you to the moon and back," he captioned the post. The two have reportedly even been quarantining together during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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"They have been staying in L.A. at her house mostly and have been to Miami for vacation," the Us Weekly source reportedly claimed. "They have a very normal life together. They cook, work out, go on hikes, and have friends over for dinner. When they're together, they are very affectionate and there is a ton of sexual chemistry between them." Looks like Benson knew what she was doing when she got together with G-Eazy! Apparently, they get along so well that the "No Limit" rapper couldn't help but gush about Benson during an October 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"She's an exceptionally talented person in many different spaces," he told ET. "Obviously, she's a great actress, but, you know, getting to work with her and putting her in front of a microphone and watching her sing so effortlessly, she has this very special tone of voice and texture and something that's very innate to her given that's not her first job or what she's known for. It just blew me away that you can have such a hidden, special talent that the world doesn't get to see as often."

I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two (and if their future includes an album together, I definitely won't be mad about it).