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TikTok's Viral Oreo Waffle Recipe Only Uses 2 Ingredients & You Already Have 'em

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You know it's going to be a good day when you have a delicious breakfast first thing in the morning. Eggs, bacon, and a slice of avocado toast are all great choices, but there really is no better way to start your day than with some homemade waffles. The classic recipe is delectable as is; making a waffle with only two ingredients — one of which is definitely your favorite kind of cookie — takes it to a whole other level. Enter the Oreo waffle recipe from TikTok. Not only is it super delicious, but it'll be ready in no time — for breakfast or dessert.

The Oreo waffle recipe comes from TikToker @canitwaffle, whose account just asks the question, "Can it waffle?" They've tested out peanut butter and jelly Uncrustables and crushed up Pringles, which all make surprisingly delicious waffles. When it comes to Oreos? Yes, they can also be waffle'd.

You probably also have everything you need in your kitchen right now. All you need are some Oreo cookies and, of course, milk. Combine the two ingredients together, and put your mixture in an at-home waffle maker. After it's cooked, you'll have a delicious chocolate waffle to serve with some whipped cream or even ice cream. If you want to continue your Oreo waffle journey, TikTok has a few other Oreo waffle recipes you need to check out as well.

OG Two-Ingredient Oreo Waffles

Start your waffle journey with the original two-ingredient waffle recipe from @canitwaffle. The first time they tried to make Oreo waffles they used water, but you know that Oreos are milk's favorite cookie, so you need to try it with milk instead. You could even use almond milk as an alternative.

Once you've blended your Oreos and milk of choice together, cook it in your waffle maker. That's it! And you know this recipe is good since it was featured on Oreo's official account as well.

Mint Chocolate Waffles

Once you nail down the original Oreo recipe, you can get creative with all the other Oreo flavors out there. For example, try making some mint chocolate waffles from @canitwaffle as well. You just need to crush up some mint chocolate Oreos with water, and cook. If you were able to get your hands on some Lady Gaga Oreos or any of the new 2021 Oreo flavors, this might also be a fun thing to make with them.

Instant Oreo Waffles

If you have some instant pancake and waffle mix, try this super simple Oreo waffle recipe from TikToker @cobyrobinson3. All you need is the dry mix, some water, crushed up Oreos, and a dash of vanilla extract. The end result is a cookies and cream-like waffle that is perfect for a late-night snack.

Low Carb Oreo Chaffles

If you're living that low-carb life, you might want to try this Oreo chaffle recipe from TikToker @coolketocouple. This video lists out all the ingredients you'll need to not only make the waffles, but the cream to go inside. Then, you can assemble a fluffy Oreo waffle sandwich that's tasty and healthy (well, healthier) to enjoy first thing in the morning.

Dark Chocolate Oreo Chaffles

Stay on the Oreo chaffle train with this recipe from TikToker Kersten Anderson (@marketingdame). The major difference between this recipe and the previous one is that it uses dark chocolate powder. So, if you're a big chocolate lover, you'll definitely want to try this version.

Oreo Waffle Pops

For a fun movie night snack, you can make these Oreo waffle pops from TikToker @caughtsnackin. The reason these are perfect for snacking is because they're bite-sized and placed on sticks for easy eating. You can also get creative with your waffle pops by adding different toppings. This particular recipe dips the waffles in some white chocolate and sprinkles with a bit of leftover Oreo cookie crumbles. You'll love it a waffle lot.

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