Oreo's Lady Gaga collaboration is already selling out after its Jan. 28 release.

Here's What To Know About How Long Lady Gaga Oreos Will Be Available

Courtesy of Oreo

Since rolling out its much-hyped Lady Gaga collaboration at the end of January 2021, Oreo's Chromatica-inspired line of neon pink and green cookies has been flying off shelves. While the company released the cookies for a nationwide rollout on Thursday, Jan. 28, fans on Twitter are reporting the limited-edition treats are already getting harder and harder to find. Wondering if Lady Gaga Oreos will be restocked? Here's what to know about getting your hands on one of the elusive packages.

ICMYI, Oreo's collab inspired by the singer's sixth studio album has quickly gained a cult following due to its hot pink-hued biscuits, which come stamped with three different designs including a heart, Lady Gaga dancing, and the word Chromatica, as well as its bright green cream filling. All of the cookies, which come packaged in head-turning bright pink packaging, taste exactly like OG Golden Oreos, giving your classic treats a fun 2021 makeover while keeping the flavor you know and love.

The cookies are undeniably 'Gram-worthy, and unsurprisingly, fans are already reporting that the limited-edition cookies are in scarce supply, or, in some cases, have already sold out completely. Unfortunately, Oreo revealed that they don't have any plans to restock the cookies as of Jan. 29. Urging fans to "get them while you can," a spokesperson tells Elite Daily, "The Chromatica-inspired pack is a limited-edition partnership and will only be available while supplies last."

Courtesy of Oreos

It's a bummer for many fans who've taken to Twitter over the past couple days to reveal they're devastated that the cookies had sold out and that they were willing to go to dramatic lengths to find some in stores. Some people reported that stores were limiting how many packages of Chromatica Oreos you could purchase due to high demand, signaling just how much fans are hoarding them.

On the bright side, the 12.2-ounce packages of the limited-edition cookies are currently available for $3.99 at for pick-up or delivery, so you might want to make moves on your order if you haven't already.

When searching for Lady Gaga Oreos, try to limit unnecessary trips in line with the coronavirus safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)for grocery shopping as of Dec. 31. If possible, try to call ahead to make sure that your retailer of choice has the cookies in stock, or have them delivered to you. If shopping in-store, make sure to wear a face mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands after leaving the store and handling any packaging.

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