I Tried Lululemon's New Selfcare Beauty Line & I'm High-Key Loving These Sweat-Stopping Products

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As a former college cheerleader (Please don't mock my past!), there was nothing more exciting to me than a trip to Lululemon. I saved up all my coin to splurge on the brand's luxe leggings and supportive sports bras, and their athleisure pieces felt more bougie to me than actual designer duds, TBH. Slipping on a great pair of leggings always motivated me to give the day my all, whether I was headed to a workout class or wearing them to run errands, and now that I'm here with a Lululemon Self-Care beauty line review, I can honestly say I'm ready to give my post-gym beauty routine my all, too. I definitely didn't see a self-care range coming, but I'm so glad it's here, because these products are exactly what any Lululemon-loving soul carries in his or her gym bag on a daily basis.

While I'm 100% positive anyone who's already a fan of the brand will be snagging these products in seconds, I'm here to argue that anyone who has failed to understand the Lululemon hype over the years will be equally impressed by this efficient, unisex lineup. There are no gimmicky glitters or questionable shade ranges; everything in the Lululemon Selfcare line is a staple for even the most minimalist of beauty users, dressed up in on-brand red-and-white packaging that makes it a treat to use.

The brand claims the line consists of "solutions to sweaty problems":


In addition to making you feel clean, the formulas themselves are pretty clean, too, with no aluminum, parabens, or sulfates. There are four products in total, one of which comes in two scents:


First up, and the item I'm most excited about, natch, is the No-Show Dry Shampoo ($34,

Available in a travel-size version as well, I'll definitely be using this baby to combat sweaty hair vibes after a good gym sesh — not to mention any other time, given that sticky New York summers often leave my hair a deflated, greasy mess. TMI? Regardless, I've been loving this formula for its clear finish (No white patches, here!), refreshing scent, and super-fresh feel. While I opt for certain dry shampoos to build grit and create texture in my hair, this one does the opposite, and it's the kind of formula I'd reach for when I want a clean, just-washed feeling.

Next up is a product I was a little more hesitant about, the Anti-Stink Deodorant ($18,

If you're a sweater like myself, please don't mistake antipersperant and deodorant as the same thing: the former prevents both stench and sweat, while the second only helps mask the smell, and won't stop you from actually sweating. That said, this baby comes in two sizes and two scents, Black Pepper and Aloe Lotus, the latter of which I tried and really enjoyed. I personally love underarm products in aerosol spray cans because I don't always want to touch a product to my sometimes-sweaty pits, so even though I rely on an antipersperant for daily protection, I'd totally carry this baby around for mid-day touch-ups.

Next up is a formula I really enjoyed trying, the Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer ($48,

While I admit that $48 for a face moisturizer is a little pricy, this baby does come in a travel size version if you don't want to break the bank, and the formula is worth the splurge regardless. Inside the hygenic twist-up packaging is a super lightweight gel that sinks into skin for a matte, velvety finish that eliminates excess shine and oils, but wont cake up and pill off if you decide to go in with makeup or other beauty products overtop it. This wouldn't replace my daily moisturizing go-tos, but for sweaty days or post-gym pampering, I'll most definitely have it on standby.

Last but not least, everyone needs a good lippie in their gym bag, and the Basic Balm ($14, is exactly that:

This lip balm is formulated to lock in moisture while you wear it, and the no-shine finish makes it a subtle, safe pick for anyone who wants to wear it without looking like they've swiped on a gloss. My only complaint is that I wish it had SPF, as lots of people take their workouts outdoors in the summertime, and so few protect their lips when doing so, but all in all, it's def a solid lip balm if you're in need of a new one — or, if you're a fan of the chic red packaging, as I am.

All in all, I'm impressed with Lululemon for debuting products that are both effective and on-brand — these are exactly the kind of goodies I'll be tempted to re-buy at checkout the next time I'm picking up a pair of leggings. If you're interested in scoping out these products for yourself, you can snag them in selected stores, as well as online now on the Lululemon website under the Selfcare section.

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