The First Step To Flawless Makeup Is Actually One Of These Priming Moisturizers

As great as makeup is, it'd be nothing without a solid canvas to work with. Regardless of how expensive your foundation, concealer, or bronzer is, no product is capable of covering up a dehydrated complexion. Sure, it can mask it for a bit, but eventually your skin's need for thirst will shine through in the form of cracking and creasing mid-day. And this, my friends, is why it's essential to prep your skin with one of the best moisturizers to wear under makeup.

Of course, prepping your skin with moisturizer also serves a more functional purpose: makeup, specifically liquid formulas (like foundation) will go on so much smoother and easier, resulting in an even, velvet-like complexion. You can even use moisturizer to prep your lips for better lipstick application, or your eyelids, if you plan on applying a cream shadow. Basically, no matter the product, it's going to go on (and look) better with a properly hydrated base.

Ahead, you'll find five of the best moisturizers that prep and prime skin for seamless makeup application. Whether you're looking for a formula with SPF, something totally natural, or an option that's hydrating enough to double as your night cream, you'll find it below.

This Cult-Favorite Moisturizer That Everyone Should Own

If you haven't heard of this French pharmacy face cream, you haven't been doing your research: it's a staple in the kits of makeup artists — and a favorite amongst beauty editors — who swear by this stuff to prep models' skin for runway shows and photoshoots. You'll be shocked to know that this gentle moisturizer — which has a milky, creamy texture — actually locks in moisture for up to 24 hours. It can also be used to remove makeup (yes, really!), or as an after-shave — it's even safe to use on babies!

Designed with a satin finish to glide onto skin for an even-looking appearance, you're sure to swoon over the way this "24-Hour Miracle Cream" preps skin for all types of makeup.

This Best-Selling, Jelly-Like Cream That Plumps And Hydrates Your Skin With Hydrolyzed Collagen

Formulated with 63.4 percent "super collagen water" (aka, hydrolyzed collagen), this K-beauty moisturizer not only deeply hydrates skin, but plumps it, too — helping to create that bouncy radiance that's so highly sought-after. The formula glides on with a "watery-gel" texture that quickly absorbs into skin to deliver deep-down moisture that lasts all day long.

People are obsessed with this product — it's officially reached cult status in the beauty community, and even has a near-perfect Amazon rating, which we all know is no easy feat. Your skin won't feel sticky in the slightest, and will instead be perfectly prepped for any sort of makeup application.

This All-Natural Face Cream That's Gentle Enough For All Skin Types

Designed with delicate skin in mind, this all-natural face cream is gentle enough to use on all sorts of complexions, from dry and sensitive, to acne-prone and oily. Formulated with rose oil, aloe vera, and vitamins C and E, this lightweight face cream gives skin a healthy, non-greasy, chemical-free boost that quenches its thirst and preps your face for easy makeup application. What's more, the natural ingredients work to heal, repair, and calm skin too, effectively helping to address other concerns like inflammation, discoloration, and redness. As a plus, it has a pump bottle, which is more hygienic, since you won't be dipping your bacteria-ridden fingers into a jar each time.

This Highly-Rated Sunscreen That Doubles As A Moisturizer

For less than $20, this dual-purpose skin care product not only cuts down how many steps are in your routine, but how much money you have to spend to cover all your bases, too. Designed with SPF 50 and an oil-free, non-comedogenic formula, there's no denying that this sunscreen-meets-moisturizer is one of the best formulas to prep your skin with each day. What's more, since it's powered by antioxidant-rich Cellular Response Technology, it also works to preserve and protect your skin's natural glow. It's fast-absorbing, safe to use on all skin types, and made with safe, clean ingredients.

This All-Natural, Vitamin C-Rich Formula That's Ideal For Treating Hyper-pigmentation

Focused on delivering not only hydration, but also, the antioxidant-rich powers of vitamin C, this all-natural moisturizer is ideal for anyone hoping to address concerns of hyper-pigmentation. Where a blend of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, and argan oil work to hydrate skin to the core, vitamin C helps to diminish sun spots and scars for a more even-looking complexion. It's also worth noting that it's cruelty-free and doesn't include any fillers, parabens, fragrances, alcohol, or sulfates — so it should be safe to use on all skin types.

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