This Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar Means White Claw Summer Never Has To End

I know many of us are still mourning the end of summer, but that doesn't mean that White Claw summer has to be over just yet. In fact, if you really, really love hard seltzer, you can actually buy a Hard Seltzer 2019 Advent Calendar from a nifty company called Give Them Beer. This means that you can buy one for yourself or a hard seltzer fan you know and let the summer continue on... despite the fact that it's actually fall. You'll be super thankful for this unique gift idea, even if you're gifting yourself.

The Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar includes a can of White Claw and 11 other cans of hard seltzer, for a total of 12 days of hard seltzer. The 12 days of Christmas, indeed. Wondering when this lovely gift pack will be available for purchase? Technically, you can currently buy one. However, Give Them Beer's Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar won't be shipping out until mid-November, according to the shipping info on its site. But, considering people are dying for more White Claw, you may have to preorder this as soon as you can, as they'll probably be gone before they're even set to ship out.

If you're curious about what brands are going to be in the Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, you may just have to stay curious. Give Them Beer has announced a few of the hard seltzers that will undoubtedly appear in the box. The sneak peek list includes a mention for Truly, White Claw, and Henry's — but that's all they're going to tell you.

The company did however make sure consumers know 12 hard seltzers in the Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar "have been hand-selected to include a variety of brands and flavors from across the [United States] that actually taste good". You know there's going to be White Claw and Truly, but you still get that element of surprise that an advent calendar should have. Sounds like a win-win to me. Which also makes me think the other seltzers — such as Ritas, Corona Refresca, and Wild Basin — shown in the official pics might be teasers. Whether any of them will be in the curated box is a mystery.

Give Them Beer

The 2019 Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar from Give Them Beer is set to sell for $59 on its website, but you should know there is a $15 ground shipping charge. So, this gift box really comes in at $74. It's a little bit pricey, coming out to a little over six bucks a can.

Yeah, there totally was a huge hard seltzer craze this year, so the Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar makes total sense. But Give Them Beer also offers other gift sets to fit the preference of whomever you're gifting. This includes a Wine Advent Calendar, which is a lot more expensive than the Hard Seltzer counterpart, but still makes a wonderful gift for a wine-lover with its 12 hand-picked half bottles of wine. For craft beer lovers, the company has a Beer Advent Calendar, too.

I have to tell you, any of those would seriously make my December. No one has ever given me a seltzer or beer advent calendar, but it is genius. I give the people behind Give Them Beer some serious props. The most cost-effective gift, though, is the Hard Seltzer Calendar. Which, I think, may end up being the most popular. In fact, Business Insider reported an analysis by UBS — a top financial services company — which said that "hard seltzer could grow to be a $2.5 billion beverage category by 2021". That huge number says a lot about how many people are drinking hard seltzers.

If you are considering grabbing one of these Hard Seltzer Advent Calendars from Give Them Beer, you may want to buy one sooner rather than later. Anyone who wants to give me one is more than welcome. TBH, though, I'm definitely not opposed to gift one to myself.