I Tried Fresh's New Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask & Woke Up A Glowier Version Of My Former Self


I know a lot of people associate the need to moisturize skin with winter's cold, dry, and dehydrating weather, but in reality, properly hydrating one's skin is a year-round must for a healthy, nourished complexion. Personally, my skin is at its worst when summer's hot sun is at its strongest, and the only solution is to ensure I keep my face moisturized so my skin stays plump and radiant. I've got an arsenal of go-to products for this, but I'm always happy to add another to the mix, especially from a brand I already love, so it should come as no surprise during this Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask review that I'm absolutely smitten with this product. It was love at first application, and my skin has been reaping all the benefits.

Like I said, I take hydrating skincare seriously, so not all moisturizers, masks, and serums make the cut. I only include products in my rotation if they really do it all: My skin needs to look better and brighter, but also feel softer and more supple, too. It's got to be good enough to bring all the boys to the yard and all the likes to my selfies, and fortunately, the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask gets it right.

Fresh is a skincare brand that's really dominated the industry when it comes to rose-infused products:

So it's no surprise it has continued to expand its range and give us all the rosy goodness imaginable:

What makes this new product stand out is a two-step formula for ultimate moisture retention:

The jar is divided into two halves, and on one side sits Step One, a gel essence formulated with rosewater, damask rose extract, and hyaluronic acid that smells like my dream bouquet. After applying the gel essence all over the skin, one is meant to follow up with Step Two, a water-cream mask that's light as air but still loaded with moisture. Unlike most masks, you don't wash these layers off. The cream is infused with time-release technology that works overnight to lock in hydration for the next 24 hours.

Step One reminds me a lot of the brand's original Rose Face Mask, which I also love and use on a regular basis:

The first time I tried this mask, I stole it from my sister and never looked back. Sorry, Morgan, but your girl was dehydrated, and my complexion needed help! Unlike the original Rose Face Mask, though, Step One of the Sleeping Mask doesn't sit on top of the skin, and instead absorbs quickly upon application, so that the mask can be kept on overnight without making a mess. “A high level of hydration is one of the best things you can offer your skin while you sleep, because your temperature rises which leads to moisture loss," explains Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman in a statement on the brand's site.

When I woke up this morning, I immediately noticed how soft my skin felt. Even after I applied foundation, I noticed a radiant glow-from-within I don't normally see. I'm only wearing highlight on my cheekbone, the rest of my face is powdered:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Alexa, play "Flawless" by Beyonce, please:

Hiii, glowy skin, nice to meet ya! Sometimes radiance-enhancing skincare does my skin good, but then my foundation covers up the glow in seconds; after using this mask, even makeup couldn't hide how replenished my complexion looked. Between that and how soft my face felt IRL, it's safe to say the two-step system worked, and I'll be using this mask again ASAP. If you love a rosy scent and a dewy look, you can shop it for yourself online and in Fresh stores, as well as online and in Sephora stores.