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This 'Cooking In Quarantine' Newsletter Has Delish Recipes From Famous Chefs

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The recent coronavirus pandemic, which has spread across the globe, is making a lot of us try new things and new routines. Over the past couple of weeks, you may have set up a home office or gone to the grocery store and stocked up on frozen kale, packs of pasta, and chicken. This Cooking in Quarantine newsletter is trying to get you and your crew through this difficult time by serving up delicious recipes from famous chefs.

Whether you're a pro in the kitchen or just starting to unleash your talents in sautéing and slicing, you have some tasty meals to try. You don't have to worry about getting tired of the same 'ole dishes, because fairly regularly you'll have something new to whip up, courtesy of chefs you may already know and love. Some of these recipes may require you to learn a new skill or taste an ingredient you've never had before. All of them will leave your tastebuds soaring, though, and asking for more of this kind of #content.

The Cooking in Quarantine newsletter was created by Sam Koppelman, who writes speeches for Fenway Strategies and co-authored a book on current politics titled, Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump. In this newsletter, he's hoping to help you make "the most of every day — and every dish," according to the about page. The recipes that have already been posted range from pasta to ramen, and a dish called the "Apocalypse Sundae." Try whipping them up when you're feeling hungry and want to eat something ~inspired~.

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Let's break down a few of these recipes, shall we? Starting with the one and only, "Apocalypse Sundae." Created by ice cream maker and guru of all things related to ice cream history, Nicholas Morgenstern, this dish requires you to have frozen bananas on-hand. Morgenstern advises to put a few of them in a blender with milk or soy milk until they're pretty creamy. Then, add peanut butter into the mixture and add your favorite kinds of toppings.

You can melt chocolate over a hot burner and drizzle it on top, or add a little crunch like a crumpled up potato chip or nuts. As long as you're in the banana-peanut butter theme, you'll be good to go. In addition to this recipe, Morgenstern also offered up recipes for his "New God Flow" and a sardine snack for you and your roomies to try.

You'll also want to read Koppleman's profile on Anthony Mangieri, from Una Pizza Napoletana. Although Mangieri is known for making pizza, its a pasta dish of his you're going to want to try whipping up at home. This dish is called "The Italian Flag" because it has the same stripes of color.

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To make it, Mangieri says you'll need the following: ricotta salatta, pasta, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh basil or dried oregano, and fresh tomatoes or sundried tomatoes. After gathering up the ingredients, you just need to cook your pasta. Once it's cooked, you put your serving in a bowl and top it off with a stripe of tomatoes, then a stripe of ricotta, and a stripe of fresh basil. Easy peasy, right?

The Cooking in Quarantine newsletter already has lots of other profiles, interviews, and recipes with famous chefs that you'll want to read over. Some articles feature celebrity chef Bobby Flay, and his advice on what you should eat when you can't leave the house. Others give ramen pros the spotlight, like Ivan Orkin's profile. Read them all, and then be sure to sign up for the newsletter by entering your email so you can get all the delish scoop delivered straight to your inbox.

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