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TikTokers Are Actually Braiding Salmon Filets & The Results Are Fin-tastic

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In order for a food trend to go viral, it needs to meet three specific criteria: It's got to be delicious, easy to make, and most importantly, it should be Insta-worthy. That's precisely why you need to check out this braided salmon recipe on TikTok. This genius dish, which involves slicing a salmon filet and braiding it the same way you'd braid your hair, is popping up all over everyone's "For You" page because so many TikTokers are trying it out for themselves.

If you're thinking to yourself, "I've got to get in on this," you'll want to check out these seven braided salmon TikToks first. While you can definitely get creative and use whatever seasoning you like best on your fish, these videos will give you a little direction and inspo if you need it. For instance, you could make a couple of the mini salmon braids to meal prep for the week, or one of the big braided salmons with crab and shrimp on top for an epic seafood feast with your roomies. It's really up to you, but you might want to start simple. So, check out these salmon braid TikTok recipes to get you started.

Braided Salmon With Crab And Jumbo Shrimp On Top

The phrase "go big or go home" perfectly describes this braided salmon with crab and jumbo shrimp on top. It's the most epic of the braided salmon recipes, but TikToker Porscha Power (@porschapower) makes it super easy for you to follow. There are even helpful tips along the way, like making sure you cut your filet about two inches down from the top.

Lemon Garlic Butter Braided Salmon

What's so great about salmon is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. Switch up your seasonings and the veggies you serve with it to get a completely new dish each time. You could even have a whole week of eating different braided salmons, but you must try this lemon garlic butter braided salmon from TikToker @jamaicavybz. The buttery goodness makes your salmon extra tender and juicy.

Braided Honey Bourbon Glazed Salmon

For something sweet and savory, try this braided honey bourbon glazed salmon from TikToker @flyeatsshow. The full recipe video is on YouTube, but you get the basics on TikTok. There are even some helpful tips, like cutting a fourth slice of your salmon to have at the base. That'll elevate your final braid.

Well-Seasoned Salmon Cornrows

If you need a beginner how-to video, this is the one for you. TikToker @niemadeit describes in detail just how to make a buttery braided salmon — aka salmon cornrows. This video really goes step-by-step, and is so well-received that it has over one million likes.

Jerk Braided Salmon

Try this jerk braided salmon if you're looking for a Jamaican-inspired dish. TikToker @shackeema_k shows you just what seasonings to add on top of your salmon before putting it in the oven. There are even suggestions for what to throw in your dish along with your salmon, like scallops, Brussels sprouts, and squash.

Mini Salmon Braids

If you're just cooking for yourself and don't want a huge filet, try this mini salmon braid recipe from TikToker @imaniduhhhh. This recipe includes a brown sugar and lemon glaze, but as it says in the video, you can put whatever you like on top. You could even meal prep a few different flavored mini braids to enjoy throughout the week.

15-Minute Salmon Braid

Sometimes, you're so hungry you don't have time to wait for a huge filet. If that's the case, try this 15-minute salmon braid from TikToker @cesserellla. Following this recipe, you'll get a lemon garlic braided salmon in less time than it takes to watch an episode of your favorite sitcom.

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