SLICK tiger print shoulder bag, black glitter rhinestone belt, and studded combat boots

No Holiday 'Fit Is Complete Without These 11 Fashion Accessories

Well, well, well, if it isn't the holiday season come to make everyone broke once again. With so many loved ones to shop for in so little time, it can be easy to fall in the "black out while shopping and spend $500 on gifts no one really wants" trap. This year, if fashion-related gifts are what you're after for the many fashionistas in your life (or, you know, just you), these holiday fashion accessories will make for much more thoughtful gifting and far less black-out spending.

From scarves to purses to hair accessories and more, these gift options take a ton of the guesswork out of shopping for a fashion lover. You can forget worrying about sizing and the price tag and focus instead on gifting your loved ones accessories to complement all the cool clothes they already own. Even better, every item here is wearable throughout the entire year — not just during the holidays — and comes in at under $100. So, as you start gearing up to gift this season, consider this your one-stop shop for the most on-trend accessories every fashion lover absolutely needs, and get ready to add them all to your cart.

Two words, and I'm yours. Say it: blanket scarf. To make sure you're nice and cozy no matter what you're wearing, get wrapped up in this wooly blanket scarf from Target's in-house brand A New Day. Don't worry: There's a color for all your moods.

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These sheer socks dotted with rhinestones are surprisingly versatile, pairing just as easily with white sneakers as they do with sparkly heels. Practically speaking, they won't make your feet sweat like wool socks can during the winter. And generally speaking, they're just really freaking cute.

"The only hat better than a bucket hat is a fuzzy bucket hat" is an unofficial rule I made up just now. This furry bucket hat brings the warm-weather vibes all year round while keeping your head nice and warm when it's freezing.

This gold-tone stainless steel pendant necklace is emblazoned with a heart and arrow motif to fulfill its wearer's desires. Whether that means romantic love or self-love is up to them, but at least one thing’s for sure: The recipient has the perfect layering necklace for any look.

My girlfriend once told me she considered belts to be an "adult purchase," and TBH, she's not wrong. A solid belt purchase signals you have your life pulled together in a way other accessories can't. But that doesn't mean a belt shouldn't be fun. Consider this pick from Torrid (available in sizes 10 to 28) as the best of both worlds.

The 2019 headband game has been so strong that even Blair Waldorf is shaking. If you or anyone you love has yet to hop on this trend, this bejeweled pick from Zara is the perfect way to end that streak. You can use it as the pièce de résistance on an all-black look, as the shimmering cherry atop an already glittery look, and everywhere in between.

You're welcome for giving you *the* perfect kitten heel to pair with the sheer socks above. Coming in multiple colorways, like this purple sparkle one, Urban Outfitters' Kim Kitten Heel goes with all your holiday dresses and denim 'fits alike, making this versatile shoe a must-have.

OK, so maybe you're not the heel-wearing type. For a more down-to-earth (literally) pick, these studded combat boots from Forever 21 are the way to go. You'll get all of the trendy edginess, with none of the pain of heels.

Straight from the mastermind behind the hairstyles of Ashley Graham and the Kardashians alike, the Kitsch x Justine Marjan Chain & Bow Bobby Pin set is about to make your hair look next-level. Both the chain-link bobby pins and the bow pins are subtle enough when used alone, but pair them together, and you've got a celeb-level accessorized 'do.

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I can honestly say I don't think I've ever needed a bag so badly in my life. This shoulder bag from Topshop is perfectly on trend in more ways than one, and the animal print capitalizes on this year's hottest look. You heard it here first, folks: 10/10 fashionistas would wear this bag.

Not to be dramatic, but if Emma Chamberlain put her name on dirt, I'd buy it. Thank God she put her name on these tiny sunglasses, because they're a lot less embarrassing to buy. Every single pair of sunnies from Chamberlain's collab with Crap Eyewear is gift-worthy, but The Prima Donnas really take the cake in terms of how perfectly extra they are.

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