7 Unique Holiday Gifts For The Bestie Who Already Has Everything

If anyone ever said shopping was easy, they were dead wrong. Shopping is extremely difficult, especially when you're looking for the perfect present to give your best friend. To make matters even worse, imagine having a bestie who already has, literally, everything. You're taking a difficult task, and making it a mission impossible. However, no need to call on Tom Cruise quite yet. We have you covered with some unique 2017 holiday gifts for someone who has everything.

*NSYNC sang it best: "For the girl who has everything, I bring you love." Love is surely an incredible gift, but you've already given that to your BFF. She deserves a special, thoughtful little something in addition to your best friendship, in the name of the holiday season.

This year, give her something that's completely unique, there's no way she could possibly already own it. Sometimes when your friend already has so much, you have to think outside the box — literally. Getting her something like an experience gift is the perfect solution. Experiences are always unique, even if you've done them multiple times. The outcome and memories will be different and special, especially if you're doing it together. So, when you're totally stumped on what to get that bestie of yours who has everything you could want to give her, here are seven gift ideas.

A Cooking Class

You can never go wrong with signing up your friend for a fun cooking class. It's an experience that'll certainly bless her tastebuds, and it will be a lesson she'll take back with her to her own kitchen.

Cozymeal is an awesome service that offers cooking classes in cities across the country. You can also book the class at the chef's venue, or have them come to you.

A Stitch Fix Gift Card
Stitch Fix

You can always hook your BFF up with a subscription you know they'll love. A Stitch Fix gift card is great for anyone who's looking to update their wardrobe. And with the new year just around the corner, who wouldn't love a little style change?

All your friend needs to do is take a style quiz that will determine where they're at, and each month a personal stylist will send clothes they think your friend will look great in. How cool is that?

A Wine And Paint Night
paintniteslc on Twitter

Wine and painting... what more could you want? Booking a Paint Nite class for your bestie can be a super fun night of hanging out together, drinking your fave wine, and getting creative. Plus, you both will end up walking away with your very own painting that you can hang up in your apartment.

A Museum Membership

A membership to a museum is something you know your bestie will love. It gives them something to do whenever, and there are always new exhibits to explore through the year. If your friend loves dinosaurs, the Natural History Museum is always a great choice.

A Paint Your Own Pottery Class

If you're unsure of what to give your friend, let her make the decision. Take her to a paint-your-own pottery place, and have her pick out something she loves.

You guys can spend the afternoon painting away your own masterpieces while catching up. Glaze Fire pottery ($10 per painter, in addition to cost of piece) is also BYOB, so you can also get your rosé on as well.

An Essential Coffee Subscription
Blue Bottle

Coffee is the gift that most of us need on the regular, so getting your bestie a subscription is definitely something she'll appreciate. Blue Bottle Coffee offers a customizable subscription of coffee that is sent directly to your front door. Your friend will be forever grateful that she doesn't have to travel very far to get the first cup of Joe she needs first thing in the morning.

Her Very Own Personalized Shade Of Lipstick
Finding Ferdinand

If your bestie loves to wear different shades of lipstick, but has yet to find her perfect shade, you can finally be the one to give her just that. Finding Ferdinand allows you to create your very own lipstick shade. If you don't know what hues your BFF loves, you can get her a Starter Kit 2.0 ($60) with 22 colors that she can experiment with to find her go-to shade.