7 Best Holiday Gifts For "Your Person" That'll Put A Smile On Her Face

It can be just as hard as it is easy to shop for your BFF, aka "your person," once the holiday season rolls around. Just like Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, you ladies are two peas in a pod. You want to get her everything, and yet, you may not have the budget to buy her the world she deserves. It might be a serious struggle trying to find that one amazing gift that is totally worthy of your bestie. You know she'll love whatever you get her, but you're putting the pressure on yourself to get her an epic present she'll genuinely cherish. When you're totally blanking, you may be in need of some best gifts for "your person" to inspire you.

We've rounded up eight gift ideas that your BFF will immediately fall in love with. They range from food, to makeup, to treat yo' self essentials. These gifts are great for any friend, but most of them you can totally personalize to fit your unique friendship. I would want everything on this list, so I know my person would be super excited to get them as well.

They say it's not the gift that matters, but the giving. Obviously, those people never received an awesome gift like the ones below, or else they'd be singing a different tune. We know "your person" will love the thought over anything, but you can't go wrong with any of these choices.


Greetabl, prices vary depending on your personalized box

Greetabl is a perfect option to send to "your person" if she doesn't live super close by. It's a small, customizable box, complete with a couple of fun gifts of choice to go inside (marshmallows, candles, socks, confetti, and more). Then, you can design the box with a sweet message and pictures of the two of you, so it's unique to your friendship. This will surely put a smile on your long-distance BFF's face when she opens it.

A Quote Candle
The 125 Collection

Eat Glitter For Breakfast, $35, The 125 Collection

Tell "your person" how much you care with a fun quote candle. The 125 Collection has a wide variety of candles with quirky quotes that'll truly speak to your friend's soul on a deep level. The quotes range from, travel-inspired, to sweet and sassy, so you'll surely find a quote that matches your bestie's personality perfectly.

Parfait Maker

Dash 7 Jar Yogurt Maker, $30, Target

Just imagine being able to create your very own parfait for every day of the week. Now imagine giving that ability to your BFF, so they can enjoy yummy yogurt every day. Sharing is caring, right? That's why this yogurt maker is a great gift idea if "your person" loves to meal prep before a hectic week. Maybe your bestie will even share one of her parfaits. We can only hope.

A Custom Shade Of Lipstick
Finding Ferdinand

Custom Lip Stick, $30, Finding Ferdinand

You can create "your person" their very own signature color of lipstick. This is an amazing idea for a gift, because it's personal and unique to just your BFF. You can choose between four different colors, and mix them to get the perfect shade she'll want to wear on the regular. You can even name your new color anything you want, whether it's her name or a special inside joke only known to you two.

Jones Soda
Jones Soda

MyJones Custom Labeled Soda, $30, Jones Soda

If you have a bestie who lives for a bottle of soda every day, you can send her a case of 12 Jones Soda bottles that you custom design especially for her. You can add any Insta-worthy pics of you two together to go on the label — how fun is that? The bottles will be great for decorating her apartment even after she's done drinking them.

Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb, $8, Lush

"Your person" is basically like a superhero for always being there for you, so give them a spa treat by gifting them a wonderful bath bomb (or a few) from Lush. Tell your BFF to "treat yo' self." The holiday bath bombs are especially cool, and your BFF will most likely agree.

"You're My Person" Sweatshirt

You're My Person Shirt, $24, Esty

There are a ton of gifts you can find that say exactly how you feel about your BFF. There are mugs, keychains, and bracelets that say, "You're My Person" on Etsy, but I personally love this sweatshirt. It's great to keep your bestie warm and cozy throughout the colder months, and it appropriately displays exactly how you feel.