Things You Understand About Your Parents When You Move Out

Moving out of your parent's house truly makes you feel like an adult. You're on your own, and writing out rent checks every month. On Sunday mornings, you'll go to the grocery store and make sure your fridge is stocked with fresh food for the week. (Amongst all of the produce you put in your cart, there are some dinosaur-shaped nuggets and chocolate pudding, too.) You still feel like a kid, despite having your own apartment. Dare I say, you even miss fighting over the remote with your siblings a bit. Getting your own place was a must, though, and being away from your family is making you appreciate them so much more. There are some things you understand about your parents now, that you had no way of knowing when you were living at home.

You remember when you were little, you'd hang out in your backyard and ride your scooter around the block with your friends. Back then, you were dreaming big, but couldn't imagine living anywhere other than your hometown. As you got older and started seeing the world, though, you realized that you wanted to live on the West Coast and pursue wedding photography.

So, you packed your bags and said, "See you soon," to your family. You were ready for this new adventure, and headed down a road filled with possibilities. When you got to your apartment, you started setting things up and called your parents to check in. You seem to understand them now more than ever, including their quirks and all of the lessons they taught you. All it took was moving out. Who knew?

1. They'll Expect You To Stay In Touch


Moving out doesn't mean you get to be a stranger. Your life will quickly get busy, and you may not have time to call your parents every single day. But, they'll still expect you to stay in touch. They want to hear about your new job, and the friends you've made in your apartment building. This isn't the time for you to drop off the face of the Earth.

When the holidays come around, they'll be looking forward to seeing you and your siblings. These little reunions don't come so often anymore, so make the most of them!

2. They'll Always Be Your Number One Fans


Your parents will always be your biggest support system. You could be halfway across the world, and they'd still find a way to show you some love. Now more than ever, you realize that your bond knows no boundaries. You'll meet so many new people, and possibly fall in love, in this new chapter of your life. But, your family will still take the cake as your number one fans.

Especially when you moved out, you were probably feeling a little lost or confused. You called your mom, and she gave her best advice. (Sometimes, it doesn't take foam fingers or cow bells ringing from the sidelines.) Moments like that have constantly reminded you that your family is there.

3. They're Good At Being Realistic


You had to take a lot into consideration when you were moving out. You spent months running numbers to make sure you could pay the rent, applying to jobs, and scoping out different locations. The logistics got confusing and frustrating at times, but you knew they were also so necessary.

It wasn't until you landed your first apartment, that you realized you got this realistic side from your parents. They've always been so good at bringing you back down to Earth, and making you look at all of the possibilities.

4. They're Not Always Right (Or Wrong)


When you were little, you thought that your parents were superhuman. They were like the heroes in the movies, flying into your room with capes, and they always knew what to do. But, when you moved out and started navigating life on your own, you realized they're not always right. After all, they're human and make some mistakes, too.

On the one hand, you may listen to some of their advice, and decide to go in a different direction. It feels weird at first, but then you become more confident in your own ability to make decisions. On the other hand, all those times you said, "You just don't understand," — well, you may have been wrong. Don't forget to give them credit where it's due.

5. They Have A Life Outside Of You And Your Siblings


Sometimes you forget that your parents have cool plans, too. They had a life before you, and have been having fun in between all of those chores and soccer practices. They're still following their dreams, and may choose to put themselves first in certain situations. (Can you really blame them? You'd love to see them living their best lives.)

You and your siblings have been their whole world, and they love spending time with your family. But, they also enjoy hanging out with their friends and taking trips every once in a while. It took moving out to realize that their lives are just as adventurous as yours.

6. They Have So Much Life Experience


When you're living on your own, you realize more than ever that your parents have some life experience. They've been through a lot — good and bad — and can help you navigate this new chapter of your life, so that you don't have to do it alone.

Back in the day, you probably got so annoyed any time they'd play the "experience" card. But, now you're appreciating it and asking questions every chance you get. (How do you cook chicken? What do you do if the water heater is making a funny noise?) You seriously don't know what you'd do without them and their knowledge about the world.

7. You'll Always Be Their Kid


No matter how old you are, you'll always be a kid. To your parents, you're the little girl who danced in her room and raved about the Jonas Brothers. They'll remember taking you to soccer practice after school like it was yesterday, and cherish the times when your backpack was bigger than you.

Sure, so much has happened and changed since then. You're much taller now, making yourself breakfast in the morning, and complaining about the traffic on your way home from work. But, since you moved out, you realized that your parents will never totally see you as an adult — and that's kind of OK.