Spontaneous Things To Do With Your Leo Bestie This Summer

Summer is only as sweet as the people you spend it with. Beach days, smoothie runs, and all the adventures in between are just better when you're with your bestie. There are some perks to traveling solo, and I've never been one to share a s'more anyway. (Is that even possible?) But, the sunniest season of the year calls for finding the Leo in your life, and keeping her close. It's her birthday soon, and all the stars are in the right places. You'll want to track down some things to do with your Leo friend, because she's thriving — and you can be, too.

By now, I hope you've taken at least one trip with this girl and experienced her radiant energy. She's always been the best travel buddy because she'll never get tired of posing for pictures, and she'll find something to smile about wherever she goes. Although she can be a bit lazy, or loves to have her head in the clouds, you wouldn't want it any other way. Especially when you're trying to make memories, it's nice to have a social butterfly and light-hearted soul in the mix.

This summer, I hope you hang out with your Leo lady a lot. The universe has given you her bright and shining personality, and during this season, she truly comes out of her shell. Make the most of the next few months, and plan one of these seven spontaneous adventures. If you hadn't noticed yet, it's going to be pretty sweet.

Stay In An Airstream For A Night
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Staying in an airstream for a night or two should be on everyone's bucket list (in my personal opinion.) Essentially, it's like glamping or renting a tiny house for a trip. Typically, you'll be located in an adventurous or outdoorsy spot. The airstreams you can rent in Joshua Tree National Park, in particular, sit in the middle of the desert surrounded by cactuses and hiking trails that are perfect for photo shoots.

During the day, you and the Leo in your life can explore the area, and at night you'll likely do some stargazing. It's all so aesthetically pleasing, so don't forget to grab at least one pic along the way.

Book A Flight To A New City
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Your Leo bestie has quite the bucket list. She's just so curious to see what's out there in the world. There's no limit to the places she wants to experience in this lifetime, and she's determined to get to them all. Booking a flight this summer will be in your best interest.

Pick one new city, and hop on the plane as soon as possible. Personally, I'd highly recommend checking out the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Oregon is ideal for any foodie or coffee lover, and Seattle has the bustling Pike Place Market. Last minute plane tickets can be expensive, but it'll be worth it when you're roaming around the Space Needle.

Drive Down The California Coast
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The West Coast is typically called the "best coast" for a reason. There's the beaches, piers, and Lauren Conrad's hometown. What more could you and the Leo in your life need for a summer well spent?

You two should definitely take a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway, and see all of the dreamiest sights. You'll likely stop in Big Sur, and maybe spend a night in San Francisco. Leo's are summer babies so they can't ever get enough of the ocean. Soaking in the bright teal water and waves will be a must.

Rent A Beach Cottage
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Being spontaneous doesn't always mean an adrenaline rush. You don't necessarily need to go skydiving or bungee jumping this summer to make it one for the books (Although, your Leo bestie may want to do that one day.) Just renting a cute cottage in one of the beach towns along the East Coast will be enough.

You'll hang out in the sun all day, and maybe do some shopping in the afternoon. Your bestie will find new friends over a game of volleyball or funny conversation. People tend to attract to her wherever she goes, and her humor always puts her at the center of attention.

Dress Up And Go Dancing

You can always find a Leo out on the town. She loves the social scene, and will spend her Saturday nights striking up conversations with people that will become her best friends. That's probably how you two met back in the day, and you've shared so many summers together since then.

During Leo season, get all dressed up and go dancing until dawn. After a long work week, your bestie wants would love to be in a lively atmosphere. Maybe you'll head to a local bar, or go out in the city. Throwing on a pair of heels always feels a little spontaneous.

Go On A Pizza Crawl
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You and your bestie have a passion for pizza. You bonded over food and the beauty of a slice of cheese late at night. Together, you've gone to all the local parlors and rated the 'za after one bite. Some have been better than others, and there are still so many restaurants you're hoping to check out.

One night gather up your girls and take a pizza crawl. Stop at four or five different places, and order a single pie. Pacing yourself will be key, especially if you want to make it to that Italian spot down the street. Be sure to bring along your appetite for this one, OK?

Learn How To Surf
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Surf's up in the summer. If you're located somewhere with lots of waves, you may want to take up a new sport with your best friend. She's adventurous and a leader in your pack, and there's no doubt her daring side will be come in handy for this one. She'll love soaking up the sun and salt water, while spending some quality time with you. When all is said and done, you can have a bonfire on the beach and make some s'mores.

You may have to work on your balance a bit beforehand, but you'll find your footwork and be surfing like the pros. As long as you're hanging with your Leo bestie during her season, you'll be happy and having a spontaneous summer.