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These Zodiac Sign TikToks Will Speak To Your Star Sign & Soul

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There's nothing in the universe that makes you as happy as horoscopes, delving deeper into your star sign, and people who are passionate about astrology. So, when you stumbled upon the zodiac sign TikToks, you may have squealed with delight and texted the bestie group chat your fave content. You may have sent a video that predicts each sign's future or one that perfectly describes what it's like to be a Cancer or Leo.

Truth be told, your best friends are just as curious about the magical powers of the universe as you are. They frequently check the night sky to see if any constellations are out and about, and try to guess if your new crush is a Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, or Capricorn. When you sent those zodiac sign TikToks in the chat, they likely clicked on them so quickly to see what princess, snack food, or movie villain their zodiac sign is. After watching a clip over and over again, they may have also dished opinions on couples who are astrologically compatible and have vibes that match up.

These zodiac sign TikToks are certainly a big hit with friend groups and solo astrology lovers alike. Some of them hilariously expose signs, while others turn into a guessing game. Watch these five if you'd like to have some laughs and out-of-this-world moments with your bests.

This Video Assigns An Aesthetic To Your Sign

What would you consider your aesthetic to be? Do you have a cottagecore vibe or more of Harry Potter aura? This TikTok is part of a larger series where this TikToker assigns each zodiac sign an aesthetic. The aesthetics are based off of movie franchises and TV shows. Watch it to see if you totally relate to yours.

This Video Is For Pokémon Fans

If you've been playing a lot of Pokémon on your Nintendo Switch lately, then you should check out this TikTok video that gives each sign a Pokémon and gym leader type. The types included are ice, psychic, electric, steel, dark, flying, ground, fire, water, ghost, grass, and fighting. As soon as you find yours, be sure to catch as many of your kind as you can in the game.

This Video Turns Into A Guessing Game In The Comments

Apparently, if you act like your zodiac sign while singing "Here" by Alessia Cara, then your friends and followers will be able to guess if you're a Scorpio, Taurus, or another zodiac sign. To try it out, watch this TikTok video to get the gist of the game, record your own video, and see what people say in your comments.

This Video Predicts What This Year Has In Store For Your Sign

Look no further than TikTok if you want to know what's in store for you this year. This TikToker predicts what your 2021 might look like, purely based on your zodiac sign. If you're a Leo or Gemini, for example, you can expect to achieve a major goal.

This Video Hilariously Decides Which Disney Princess You Are

The Disney princess you are is totally decided by the stars... and this TikToker. In the video, this TikToker chooses a princess like Jasmine, Ariel, or Snow White for each sign, and they give their reasoning. Each reasoning hilariously exposes how a sign is when dating, like, if they're not so quick to commit or wait around too long for the other person to show up.