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These Sea Shanty TikToks Are The Hot Trend You Didn't See Coming

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Break out your pirate telescope, because sea shanties are the hot trend you didn't see coming. This TikTok fad, which began with Scottish singer Nathan Evans, is beyond catchy and an art form in itself, since you have to follow a rhythmic pattern while singing a sailor-inspired tune. We've gathered up some of the best "Wellerman" sea shanty TikToks so you can seas the moment and create a witty duet of your own.

Evans recorded an acoustic version signing "The Wellerman" on Dec. 27, 2020. The video includes the lyrics on it so everyone on TikTok's "For You" page can hum along. While fishermen sang "The Wellerman" in the 1800s on whale hunting excursions, today's TikTokers are simply flexing their musical skills with the song by using the duet feature. They're expanding on Evans' original audio clip with harmonies, lower lines of vocals, and even instrumentals like the violin.

In the spirit of a new musical meme, a few late-night hosts have checked out #shantytok, too. Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon have both made their own shanties to the beat of "The Wellerman" while belting out funny new lyrics, including some from Olivia Rodrigo's viral single, "Driver's License."

Whether you create your own "Wellerman" video to show off your talents or scroll through these sea shanty TikToks, know that more truly is merrier over in #shantytok. Especially in the time of quarantine, there's room for everyone to join in on the TikTok fun.

This Video Is The Catchy Start Of The Trend

If you're going to dive into #shantytok, you first have to watch Nathan Evans' video that started the whole trend. The Scottish singer pounds a fist on a drum while singing the lyrics to "The Wellerman." Evans' talent truly shines and can be seen more on his profile where he sings other popular shanties and even reacts to other TikTokers' versions.

This Video Is An Exciting Collaboration

In the midst of quarantine, a bunch of TikTokers found a way to collaborate with their version of "The Wellerman." Now, this collab took many duets, a violin, and bass notes that all help the track to build. It was worth the work, though, because it's a total jam.

This Video Is Stephen Colbert's Version Of The Song

Stephen Colbert hopped on the sea shanty trend to tell all of his viewers that he finally understands a TikTok meme. In his catchy version of "The Wellerman," he tells the tale of a staffer showing him another meme, to which he responds, "Um, what is that? It's making me mad." But, #shantytok he totally gets.

This Video Is A Melodic Rendition You Need To Hear

This TikToker decided to add layers to 'The Wellerman." The result is a beautiful melodic masterpiece that you need to hear right now. This one TikToker makes it sound like an entire choir is singing the song.

This Video Is Jimmy Fallon's Witty Interpretation

When it comes to music, there are always several trends going on at the same time. For instance, sea shanties are in at the moment and so is Olivia Rodrigo's hot single, "Driver's License." A witty interpretation by Jimmy Fallon and The Roots combines both, giving us a bit of #inspo for future #shantytok videos.

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