8 Bridesmaids Reveal The Most Intense Wedding Drama They've Seen

At their best, weddings can be a joyous celebration of love and family. You get all dressed up, dance to oldies with your dad, and watch two star-crossed lovers commit themselves to each other for all of eternity. Of course, sometimes behind the color-coordinated floral arrangements and triple-layer lemon cakes, you can find a few serious wedding drama stories. Whether the bride's mother stole the dress the day before the ceremony or the childhood tension lingered well into the bachelorette party — when it comes to knowing the most intense wedding drama, no one has more tea to spill than a bridesmaid.

Being in a wedding party can be a big responsibility. From planning showers and parties to footing some serious bills, being a bridesmaid can be a major commitment of its own. Though supporting a bride when they tie the knot can be a super special and memorial experience, sometimes being a bridesmaid can get a little stressful. Whether you have dealt with your own wedding drama or you've watched someone else's from afar, these stories about pre-nuptial tension are totally relatable.

These eight stories about wedding drama from bridesmaids are so intense, you'll feel old, new, borrowed, and blue.

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This Dress Distress
So, my sister is due to get married this August. Since she got engaged she has become a major bridezilla. We got into an argument about money and didn't talk for ages.
Now's the disaster of the bridesmaid dress. I have endlessly asked her about getting a bigger size, and she kept going on and on about getting a full body Spanx suit to supposedly suck my boobs into place. Last week, she finally agrees to send me a message about where she got the dress and then tells me that they won't arrive for six to eight weeks, and the wedding is in about six weeks.
Now I am stuck with a dress that doesn't fit. Between the expense of getting to the wedding and her attitude every couple weeks, I can definitely say this has put me off getting married.


This Bachelorette Brawl
A close friend is getting married in a month and she had her bachelorette party a few weekends ago. We had a great bachelorette weekend at a really nice country club and hotel planned for her (we covered the cost), which is totally fine because we all agreed to pay.
Not everybody could fit at one mirror when face masks were being done, so some of the group went to the adjoining hotel room to put the masks on and immediately came back to the group. The bride thought they were making the activity about themselves and freaked out.
One of our friends made a special reservation at a nice brunch place she used to work at. (She had a hook up there so there would be some special treatment that we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.) The bride was irked that the friend chose that restaurant.
After the whole brunch fiasco, the bride flips out on our whole group of friends. She claimed nobody cared about her the whole bachelorette weekend and then goes on to say that we are all just immature and have no idea how to be adults. She even goes as far as saying that our friends that still have roommates or live with their parents are not real adults. She claimed we were being selfish the whole weekend and that we might as well just not come to her wedding, as bridesmaids or guests.


This Bride's Mom With Sticky Fingers
I don’t even have the energy to share the details. But yes, the wedding is tomorrow, and the bride's mother stole the bride's dress because of a family issue. She felt that they needed to sit down and discuss the story she made up, and because of that, she stole the wedding dress from the bride's grandmother’s house while she wasn’t home. The fiancé tried to go get it and they wouldn’t give it to him. We just bought her a white prom dress online to pick up in the morning.


This Breakup Drama
My boyfriend broke up with me four months ago but he wants us to try and get back together. Before the breakup, my sister said he was invited to the wedding, and that he can sit with the other bridesmaids' boyfriends. Now that he's not my boyfriend anymore, my sister is saying no.
I just don't think it's fair. I've been helping out my sister as much as I can with the wedding. I spent hundreds of dollars on her bachelorette party alone.
At first her excuse was 'It's a family thing,' but the other bridesmaids are bringing their boyfriends, and my cousin is bringing her boyfriend, who no one has even met yet.


This Maid Of Honor Debacle
My best friend from college didn't want to have a maid of honor. She's pretty independent and didn't want anyone's help in the first place.
Well, her mother says that there needs to be a maid of honor. So the bride asked her cousin because her cousin was the only one in the group that was married and also had been in a lot of weddings.
When her childhood best friend heard that the cousin was the maid of honor, she lost it. She called the hotel to cancel the reservation for the bachelorette party and tried to get the caterer and florist to cancel as well. She said she's not coming to the wedding and never wants to talk to the bride again.


This Gender Divide
My close friend got engaged recently and it has caused a lot of tension between us because she has decided to not invite me to be part of her wedding party. I am non-binary and assigned male at birth, but she nevertheless feels that it would draw too much attention to include me as I 'pass as male' (some of her family is from the midwest). She said this in passing, likely not realizing how hurtful it might be that she would have likely asked me to be a Bridesmaid if I was a woman or 'passed as one'.
I am legitimately happy for her, but she frequently comes to me for advice, related to the wedding (which I'm fine with), but also things related to the bridal party and bridal shower (which I am less fine with).


This Friendship Friction
B, C, and I have been friends since early middle school. When C’s boyfriend proposed, C’s sister-in-law was enlisted to become the maid of honor, which immediately rubbed B the wrong way.
C’s wedding was horrible from the moment the sister-in-law began planning it. The bridesmaids’ dresses were not flattering on anyone and were incredibly uncomfortable. We had to pay for lots of different things (shower decorations, etc).
Two weeks ago, B’s boyfriend proposed to her, and today, I got texts from both B and C. B informed me C was not going to be in her wedding and that C had texted her informing her of this and claiming it‘s because B was horrible during her wedding.
C has a different story and claims B kicked her out. I haven’t responded to either text, but C is implying I should abstain from being a bridesmaid in protest.


This Desitination Drama
One of my good friends was supposed to be married in 2017 but it got postponed due to financial issues. Now, the wedding went from being a local wedding to a destination wedding.
We all agreed to be bridesmaids, thinking it was a local wedding. Her plan is to get married on a beach and then depart on a three day cruise with family and friends. This sounds great, but we can't afford it.
I asked nicely if we could change the hotel venue to something more affordable (Airbnb or something) and if there was any way her family could help cater the wedding shower.
She wrote me the longest text message I have ever seen. I swear if you copied and pasted it into a document, it would be three pages single-spaced. This was the meanest, and most selfish text message I have ever read. She told me that my financial limitations are none of her business and I can either suck it up and pay or not be in the wedding.
She flipped out and kicked me out of the wedding.


Planning a wedding can be a big endeavor. It's no surprise that tensions may run a little high before, during, and even after the big day. Still, if you're ever feeling overwhelmed by some pre-nuptial stress — it's always OK to take some time and space for yourself. You can say "I do" to love without saying "I do" to drama.