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Taylor Dropped Another Unreleased Song From ~The Vault~ & It Has Fans Asking 1 Question

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Taylor Swift is hardly shy when it comes to delivering new music with little to no warning but that spontaneity is what makes listening to her material an even more electrifying experience. Now, Swifties are freaking out because their all-time fave has gifted them with not just a refreshed version of an old fave, but instead, a never-before-released track from "the vault." “Mr. Perfectly Fine.” Fans have been caught off-guard by this new song in the best way possible, but these tweets about Taylor Swift’s “Mr. Perfectly Fine” ask one crucial question: Why did she wait 13 years to drop this gem?

Well, here’s what Swifties do know: “Mr. Perfectly Fine” is part of Swift’s Fearless (Taylor’s Version), a re-recording of her original 2008 Fearless album slated for release on April 9. Back in February, she said the new album would include six previously unreleased songs. Swift dropped one of them, a country throwback called "You All Over Me" featuring Maren Morris, in March. Still, there are four more unheard tracks to soak up when the project comes out.

The huge passage of time between now and when Swift wrote the track is the part that’s bewildering — because Swifties insist that, with its anthemic chorus and irresistible guitars, “Mr. Perfectly Fine” would have made a flawless single back in 2008 when she presumably wrote it. So it makes sense everyone’s trying to figure out why Tay Tay kept it locked up for so long.

Honestly, it’s hard to know for sure why “Mr. Perfectly Fine” was stuck in the vault until recently. But in her April 7 tweet announcing the song’s release, the singer-songwriter hinted at her reasoning.

In her tweet, Swift said, in recent years, she’s been penning songs that are based on fiction, not real experiences. This quality is what makes evermore and folklore so unique. But, back in 2008, when the original Fearless was released, things were different for Swift: Her music was still very autobiographical, and her biggest hits were about her own exes and romantic life. And though male musicians who write about breakups and love are rarely shamed for turning heartbreak into song, Taylor was frequently framed as a serial dater by tabloids and critics (in fact, she still deals with this sexism, even in 2021).

Since Fearless was very much a part of Swift’s iconic autobiographical era — and she said that today, she’s kept in the realm of fiction to “avoid drama” — that probably means she didn't drop “Mr. Perfectly Fine” because it's about a real person she dated around that time. Nothing is certain, but stans are pretty sure the ex in question is Joe Jonas, who she dated from July to October 2008.

Swifties are also having a ball poking fun at the 31-year-old Jonas brother because his wifey, Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner, is on great terms with Swift despite their shared connection to Jonas. The best part is that Turner is actually a fan of Swift's music.

Other stans are convinced that since Swift is re-recording her earlier albums — and Red was supposedly inspired by her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal — Gyllenhaal is probably shaking right now. Red was released in 2012, but Swift started working on the project in 2010, which is right around the time she was coupled up with the Hollywood heartthrob.

Still, not all Swifties are focused on sorting out who "Mr. Perfectly Fine" is about. Some are obsessing over the beautiful songwriting structure itself, while others were left in total shock from the sheer surprise of the release.

So whether the track is about about real-life relationship drama or not, the tune is amazing AF, in a typical T-Swift fashion. And at this rate, it seems like the other five never-before-released tracks from Fearless (Taylor's Version) will be just as stellar.