Sniffles, A Florida Foster Dog Without A Nose, Has Completely Captured The Internet's Heart

If you know me at all, you're most likely aware of the fact that I'm a sucker for anything dog-related. Puppy videos are my literal vice, and for real — those Sarah McLachlan commercials will make me cry until the end of time. And it seems as though Twitter feels exactly the same way, based on these tweets about Sniffles, a foster dog without a nose, who was saved in Orlando, Florida. The Twitterverse is coming through with so much support for the teeny pup, and I definitely feel for each and every one of their responses.

It seems as though pup-lovers across the country are finally leaning into the #AdoptDontShop movement, as people are avidly applying to adopt 12-year-old Sniffles, the senior dog who happens to be missing his nose. Poodle and Pooch, a Florida-based dog rescue, quickly took Sniffles in on Dec. 19, where the stray and slightly confused pupper was immediately treated for hookworks and whipworms, per KHOU 11. Less than a week later, the pooch gained the national attention he deserved, after being gloriously featured on Orlando TV station WESH. From there, his fame took off.

Despite the fact that Sniffles is lacking that signature doggo snooter, that he snorts relentlessly, and that his teeth aren't what you'd usually see on a dog, Twitter has fallen head-over-heels in love with him, and TBH, the responses are so endearing. Check them out, below. You'll be happy you did.

UGH, things like this really give me hope for the human race.

Sniffles' backstory is a real tear-jerker. According to the Poodle and Pooch website, the noseless pup started out as a stray in Puerto Rico, where he was rescued by a dog rescue called Rabito Kontento (which translates to "Happy Tails"). Sniffles needed extensive treatment after he was attacked by a pack of large stray dogs. He was pretty badly injured, and after three surgeries, he was adopted by a family in Florida. Sadly, Sniffles escaped from his new owner, as it wasn't a good situation for him, he ended up as a stray, and was soon captured by animal control. From there, he was taken to Poodle and Pooch Rescue, where he was given necessary medical attention, and — of course — a whole lot of love.

The rescue is currently working with Rabito Kontento to gather Sniffles' medical history, and to ensure that he finds his forever home. In the last week alone, they've received hundreds of emails, voicemail messages, direct messages via social media, as well as applications. The rescue isn't seeking out more applicants, but if you applied and aren't able to snag Sniffles for yourself, the rescue encourages any and all canine enthusiasts to adopt another one of their rescue pups. On the other hand, if adopting isn't quite in the cards for you at the moment, Poodles and Pooch recommends donating, so the rescue can work to save other special pups in need. It's such a good cause, and I highly recommend doing so.

Sadly, Sniffles' backstory isn't particularly unusual — Puerto Rico has seen an increasing number of stray dogs roaming the island. It's due to PR's ongoing economic crisis, from people not spaying and neutering their dogs, and, most importantly, from a lack of government aid. Plus, Hurricane Maria, the first Category 4 hurricane to hit the island in 85 years, definitely didn't help. Several residents fled the island, and left their dogs behind. There are, however, several different rescues, charities, and organizations working to help out the issue, so definitely consider donating to one of them.

I'm a major advocate for pups of all shapes and sizes, and in no way does that disregard Sniffles, the beloved pupper without a snoot. He's honestly everything I could ever want, and it seriously warms my heart to know that hundreds of dog lovers across the country are already applying to adopt him. I'm so in love, guys, so if you end up snagging Sniffles, please spoil the heck out of him. He definitely deserves it.