Bachelor Nation Cannot Stop Tweeting About Peter's Very ~Involved~ Family

ABC / "The Bachelor"

Fans were faced with a wild start to the two-part finale of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. Kicking off his ending, there were so many questions putting viewers on edge: Will Peter and Hannah Ann live happily ever after? Will Madison make Peter regret having those ~steamy~ overnight dates? Is all hope not lost that Hannah Brown comes back for the 28-year-old pilot once and for all? While audiences entered the episode felling all kinds off off-balance, they could at least take comfort in knowing they'd see some familiar faces. And the Weber clan did not disappoint: These tweets about Peter's family on The Bachelor finale show fans still can't get enough of them.

Fans originally met the rest of the Webers during hometowns on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette and it was literally love at first sight. Barbara, Peter Sr., and Peter's brother, Jack, had Bachelor Nation falling for Peter and cursing Hannah for not giving him her final rose. While fans knew going into the finale that Peter's mom was going to drop some dramatic truth bombs, the Webers have been involved from the very start of the season, and they are here for it.

Between flying literally across the country to being absolutely supportive of Peter's Fantasy Suite choices, the fan-favorite family gave Bachelor Nation lots to talk about before they even met the final two contestants.

Then it was time for Peter's parents to meet Hannah Ann. Peter's mom said she saw herself and her husband in the young couple. After pulling her aside and hearing how much Hannah Ann cared for Peter, both parents were convinced. “The little time I’ve spent with you and how much you’ve show me you love my son, I can feel the love you have for Peter. That speaks volumes to me,” Mama Weber said. His dad went on to call her "a remarkable young lady," and said they seem very compatible.

While everyone was feeling the ~love~, Twitter noticed a few more of the sillier nuances during the meeting between the Webers and Hannah Ann.

Despite how Twitter feels, both Hannah Ann and the Webers seemed pretty confident after their meeting.

Then, it was time to see if Madison would even meet Peter's parents, let alone win them over. After a long talk outside during which she finally told Peter she loves him, Madison met his family and was greeted with a slightly chillier welcome. While Peter's dad said he felt bad about the situation, he still moved forward with (awkwardly) asking for more details about it.

Then, Peter's mom pulled Madison aside to talk. During the tense conversation, they went back and forth on whether it was okay that Madison asked Peter to refrain from getting physical in Fantasy Suites. Twitter might have actually blown up and is officially divided over who they stood by: Madi or Peter's mom.

After Madison left the fam, it was up to Peter to make his decision with the help (or hindrance) of his loved ones, which meant fans finally got to the famous "bring her home" scene. Turns out, his mom was talking about Hannah Ann, which upset Peter to no end. It's pretty clear he'd been leaning toward Madison, so when his mom told him he's supposed to be with Hannah Ann, Peter shot back at his mom in a fabulous display of boundaries and told her she needed to stop.

After a dramatic exit from Madison, members of Bachelor Nation believe Peter's mom will get her way. However, with another night full of what Chris Harrison promises will be the most dramatic moments yet, here's to hoping Peter finally follows his heart, no matter what his momma says.

Tune into Part 2 of The Bachelor finale on Tuesday, March 9, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to see how it all turns out.