Twitter Is Cracking Up Over Lil Dicky's New "Earth" Video, Especially The Celeb Cameos

by Jamie LeeLo

What did you guys think Justin Bieber was up to lately? Because I had it all wrong. While I thought he was busy "finding" himself, he was actually low-key working on new music with none other than Lil Dicky, the comedic rapper behind hits like "Freaky Friday" and "Lemme Freak." Today, the collaboration dropped, and the tweets about Lil Dicky's "Earth" music video are a damn riot. I don't know what I was expecting when it came to Justin making new music, but it wasn't this.

Both Bieber and Dicky confirmed they were working together in mid-April, just a few days prior to the song's release. Dicky posted on Instagram revealing he's "never been this excited for anything in his life," and left his followers with two words: Justin Bieber. Then, Bieber confirmed the collaboration when he shared Dicky's post on Twitter with the message, "Friday. Let’s save the world @lildickytweets."

Some people thought Bieber might have been gearing up for a new emotional body of work thanks to some of his intense Instagram posts and messages lately, but this is a fun plot twist. A comedic bash with a whacky rapper? I'll take it. Not only that, but the music video includes cameos from the largest onslaught of celebrity names I've ever seen!

On Thursday, April 18, Lil Dicky sat down with Ellen DeGeneres where he explained 30 of the "world's biggest artists" are included in the music video and they all play different animated animal characters. Leonard DiCaprio shows up, for crying out loud. Fan-favorites such as Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Kevin Hart, Charlie Puth, Sia, and many more are involved, too. Trust me, nothing is more delightful than watching a stout diva Zebra sing with Grande's voice.

"Earth" dropped on April 18 and fans are living for it. You can listen to it here:

As for the fan reaction, it's looking like this right now:

Woo! Yessir!

I love that Lil Dicky's music video is Bieber's way of dipping his toe back into the music pond. As I mentioned, 2018 proved to be a transformative year for the "Sorry" singer. He took a big break from music to work on his mental health, which is something both he and Baldwin have openly spoken about since tying the knot. In mid-March, Bieber wrote in one Instagram post that he's been going through the "most human season" he's ever been in and facing "his stuff" head on.

In 2017, Bieber put an abrupt halt to his Purpose tour and disappeared to wherever the place is that young celebrities go to work on themselves. At the time, he left a touching message on Instagram explaining he wanted to learn and grow from his mistakes and that taking a break from music was ultimately allowing him to be "sustainable" in the future.

Today, with an animated baboon running around with his voice, Bieber clearly seems to be in a much, much better place.

Selfishly, I think the guy is on fire when it comes to catchy songs and great dance beats, so I'm pleased as punch that he's back on the grind. (If you can call his piece of "Earth" a grind.)

Welcome back, Justin, and thank you Lil Dicky! I'm loving this.