Yikes, Twitter Is Roasting Kylie Jenner For How She Washed Her Face In This Kylie Skin Promo

Remember back in 2007 when Chris Crocker made that whole "Leave Britney Alone" video? I'm about to make a "Leave Kylie Alone" video in the same vain, because yikes, Twitter users are harsh. ICYMI, the tweets about Kylie Jenner washing her face in a Kylie Skin promo video have been brutal, honey, and while they make some good points, I'm not sure all the hate is necessary. Kylie, sweetie, you're doing amazing — but I do need to have a talk with you about how to wash your face.

If you haven't heard about Kylie Skin, Jenner's newest beauty endeavor, you either live under a rock or aleady have great skin, but I can't relate to either, so it's safe to say I was ~invested~ when she first announced the line. Tons of fans were eager to get their hands on the pretty pink bottles, but the more Jenner promoted them, the more unsure buyers became. First, many criticized her Walnut Scrub for utilizing such a harsh, abrasive exfoliant, as it's been known to cause microtears in the skin. Just when I thought people were moving on from this criticism, it seems another issue has set them off, and trust me when I say, they aren't happy.

This time around, the issue is regarding the Foaming Face Wash — or, more specifically, how Jenner uses it:

Before I break it down, let me just say this: Like her or not, Jenner's promotion of both Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin has been revolutionary in terms of product marketing. She's changed the industry! Before Jenner, brands would never have even deamt of casually revealing entire new lines and launches with casual, haphazard videos meant to disappear within the next 24 hours. Jenner does splurge on some promotional videos and photos here and there, but for the most part, she keeps it ~real~ by way of videos of her actually using her product throughout her day, and its this is what piques her customers' interests the most. She promotes new Kylie Lip Kit shades by choosing which to wear during her morning Snapchat Story; she shows how to use Kylie Skin by giving fans a look into her nighttime routine after a long day. Other brands have followed her lead, and she clearly knows what she's doing when it comes to promoting products on social media.

However, this Instagram Story video of Jenner washing her face is definitely not some of her best work:

First of all, the video has a skin-perfecting filter overtop it, so we can't see her pre -and-post-cleanse skin in any detail, so what's the point? Second, Jenner's hair isn't pulled back, which makes for slightly awkward, jerky movements when she leans into the sink. Thirdly, it appears as though she doesn't ever actually wash her face — she just sort of tosses water at it once or twice. Finally, the "pat dry" moment on the towel reveals lots of foundation leftovers, proving her face is far from clean. Obviously, she just wanted to look good for the video, but yikes, not a great way to demo a cleanser.

Twitter users showed no mercy, as per usual:

Some fans even voiced doubts over whether Jenner actually uses Kylie Skin when she isn't promoting it:

Guys, we know for a fact Kylie has gorgeous skin, so you can rest assured that this isn't how she washes her face on the reg! It's just a slightly awkward promo video! Obviously, viewers at home should not mimic Jenner's technique in this video, but they also shouldn't drag her for it. Not cool.

To investigate further, I decided to watch the brand's official "my everyday skin care routine" video:

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Clearly, Jenner needs to just focus less on filming and more on washing, because she uses the same approach. She yet again gives her face the old "1-2 splash" and calls it ~clean~:

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Her skin looks bomb post-splash, but makeup-free? I'm not so sure:

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

When she pats her skin dry, you can see a hint of orangey foundation on the towel. Oh no, Kylie, what is you doing?

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

To be clear, her filming technique doesn't exactly make me want to run out and buy this cleanser, but it also in no way shows that the formula is bad. If applied properly (Worked into the skin for a while, rinsed thoroughly, et cetera), I'm sure the Foaming Face Wash would be a nice product. Kylie, if you want to send me one so I can post a real, nitty-gitty, removing-my-makeup-til-I'm-a-4-out-of-10 video, HMU. If you want to buy the product for yourself, the full sets restock on June 5, and the individual projects restock on June 10.