These Tweets about International Dog Day 2020 are dedicated to so many cute dogs.

People Are Celebrating International Dog Day By Sharing The CUTEST Pics Of Their Pups

Carol Yepes/Moment/Getty Images

Get ready to celebrate International Dog Day by filling your feed with all the cutest pictures of doggos. The annual holiday falls on Wednesday, Aug. 26 this year, and dog owners are getting in on the fun by hyping up their sweet pups with some adorable photos on Twitter. Whether you're celebrating a specific furry friend or not, these tweets about International Dog Day are sure to make you smile, thanks to all the great snaps people are sharing of their goodest boys and girls.

According to the official International Dog Day website, the holiday began as U.S. National Dog Day in 2004, when it was founded by pet and family lifestyle expert and animal rescue advocate Colleen Paige. Paige first established the holiday 16 years ago to advocate for adopting rescue pups, which is still a big way dog lovers celebrate today. You can also promote local dog rescues or spend time with your own pup.

For a quick and easy celebration, you can check out these adorable photos of all kinds of dogs, with breeds ranging from Pekingese to Corgis to Golden Retrievers. TBH, any holiday you can celebrate by just looking at sweet pics of pups is a good one, amirite?

Some owners are sharing pics of their puppies all dressed up:

There are so many small breeds getting the love:

Some owners are sharing group pics of their pups:

Some owners are spending their very first International Dog Day with their dog:

Others are paying homage to their rescue pups:

These owners have some happy, smiling dogs:

If you're inspired to go all in on the International Dog Day fun after seeing the pics, you can give your own pup some love by showing it in a way they'll understand. Apparently all dogs have a different love language, and once you figure out which one your pooch prefers, you can spoil them with love all day long. Of course, you can also just stick to the standard of snapping all the sweet pics your doggo will allow. You can never share too many dog pics, right?