These Photos Of Adorable Doggos Are The Sweetest National Dog Day Celebration

by Daffany Chan
Bob Levey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There are so many reasons why dogs are man's best friend. A few that top the list are their loyal companionship and downright adorable personalities. People are celebrating their beloved pooches across the country on Aug. 26 for National Dog Day, and it's time to join in on the annual fest. To kick off the celebration, you'll want to first check out the endearing photos of dogs on National Dog Day 2019. The four-legged best friends will easily win over your heart and get you in a pup frenzy in no time (if you aren't already).

Plenty of dog owners took it to the internet to share their love of their pet on National Dog Day, proving there's no truly no better day to rejoice in the active community of canine lovers. From furry Bichon Frises to agile Golden Retrievers, there are photos of furry best friends in all shapes and sizes. Along with the photos, many owners also shared heartwarming captions and stories of how pooches have helped them in their lives. Some gave a shoutout to the unconditional love from a dog while others praised their pet's resounding dependability. If anything, the photos and stories shared on the internet highlight the fact that dogs are much more than just adorable living teddy bears — they're important fixtures of the family.

You guys, even dogs are *hugging* each other to celebrate!

There are plenty of other ways to celebrate National Dog Day besides indulging in the adorable photos of dogs on the internet! You'll definitely want to give a good scan over the National Dog Day deals and freebies offered to see which businesses are promoting special treats for your pet today. There a bunch of cool deals you won't want to miss out on! From free meals for dogs in Miami to free dog washes in Philadelphia, there's something for every pooch out there to feel pampered on their special day.

One of the most meaningful ways to show your love for dogs is by giving back to a local animal shelter. There are endless opportunities to help out. You could sign up to volunteer at your local shelter and spend time playing and walking dogs. You could also give new toys to a dog rescue and give animals the gift of fun play. If you don't have a dog but still want to give back, you could look into buying a bag or two of coffee from Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., which donates 20% of its proceeds to animal shelters in need. And, of course, you could make a huge impact on a dog's life by adopting or fostering a furry friend. Thousands of dogs are in need of homes, and often they'll be euthanized if they aren't able to find one. It's important to remember that all dogs need a home, especially older dogs and mixed-breed pups.

There are just so many ways to celebrate National Dog Day. Whether it's cuddling with your pup, melting at cute photos on the internet, or giving back to a canine charity, weigh out what works best for you. The important thing is that you get out there and make the most of the day with tail wagging joy.