These Tweets About Double Texting & Still Getting No Response Are Too Freakin' Real

by Candice Jalili

OK, so it has officially been two hours and 22 minutes since you sent that "hey what's up" text to the person you've been seeing. After everything the two of you went through together, HOW could they just simply decide to not respond to you? You decide you guys are past the silly games, so YOLO, you decide to double text and send a follow up "?" message. Fast forward three hours and 45 minutes after double texting, and you STILL have no response. It's painful, it's sometimes humiliating, and really, it's very, very relatable. People on Twitter are sharing exactly how humiliating double texting with no response can be.

Everybody who has ever dated in the age of texting knows that sending a double text is pretty much seen as a big no-no (for literally no good reason whatsoever). Mustering up the personal strength to sacrifice your own pride and send that text is one of the most difficult things to do for a young person in the dating game (LOL), so you can only imagine how brutal it is when the second text isn't met with a response. Twitter user and Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dana Schwartz, @DanaSchwartzzz, posted a tweet that perfectly captured just how painful this really is. She wrote, "When you swallow your pride and double text and still get no reply," and paired it with pretty much the best image ever.

Even more relatable, she followed it up with another post captioned, "And then the next day he replies 'haha yea,'" along with a photo of a man lying dead on the floor. TOO EFFING REAL.

As you can imagine, people on Twitter had some major feelings about this, and by that, I mean they related it to it BIG TIME.

If you're not going to throw some emojis and capital letters in there, DON'T BOTHER responding. MATCH MY ENTHUSIASM OR BYE!

It dredged up some painful memories of rejection for some people.

What happens when you talk IRL between the double text? Is there a Simpsons still for that? (The answer is always yes.)

The whole experience is anxiety-inducing.

No matter how long you wait to send it, a double text will always be a double text.

Cue the endless string of thoughts about why they could possibly be ignoring you.

Ignoring a double text is INHUMANE.

Crushes aren't the only people we're double texting with no response.

Some people have been there more than once.

The person refusing to respond is the pitiful one; NOT you.

They're a terrible breed of human.

This woman sees it from the ignorer's point of view.

Whatever you do, just don't follow up with a call, though.

OK, so I do see where those last two people are coming from. When someone doesn't respond to you, it's typically for one of two reasons: They're busy and can't talk to you, or they're not busy and don't want to talk to you. So sending them a follow-up text is kind of futile. That being said, if they really are just busy, and you really do need a response ASAP, sending a follow-up text can act as an easy reminder.

I do think we need to change the way we look at this situation, though. Responding to someone is polite, especially when they're trying to get a hold of you. So why don't we stop focusing on portraying the double texter as the loser in the situation and start shifting our attention toward the rude jerk who didn't think they were worthy of a response?! If someone has been trying to get a hold of you, even if you're not interested or you find them annoying, they deserve a response. So... just answer them, for goodness sake.

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