A happy woman dances with her headphones on, as she films herself on her phone.

These TikTok Shuffle Tutorials Teach You The Moves & Grooves Of This Epic Dance

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By now you should know there's never a dull moment on TikTok, and a dance trend that's sweeping everyone off their feet — literally — is the shuffle. This dance can look a little intimidating, but it's totally worth the effort of getting all the moves down. So, don't fret, because these TikTok shuffle tutorials will get you moving and grooving onto everyone's For You page.

The shuffle has a few different moves, like the running man and the leg wave. Once you've mastered the steps, you can get creative with stringing them together to create your own choreo that is fun and totally brand new. To learn to shuffle, you'll need some space to practice your moves, your fave song to practice to, and a laptop to watch the tutorials on. Soon enough, you'll be ready to film your own shuffle video.

You can even gather the housemates for an LOL-worthy activity the whole crew can be a part of. Once you and your squad are done laughing and shuffling over one another, you can film yourselves doing a group shuffle video for a TikTok that's sure to impress. Your followers will think you're master dancers when they see how coordinated your dance team is, and soon they'll be hitting you up to make your own TikTok shuffle tutorials.

This Step-By-Step Tutorial Shows Shuffle Moves From Three TikTokers

Your feet will definitely feel happy and groovin' after you follow this comprehensive tutorial on shuffling. From the running man, to the leg wave, to diagonal shuffling, you'll be the star of your own show after watching these steps.

This Tutorial Slows All The Footwork Down

It's easy to get lost in all the steps of the shuffle. Luckily, this TikTok tutorial shows you where each foot goes and when. By the end of the video, you'll be shuffling along to your own beat.

This TikTok Shuffle Tutorial Will Make You Look So Cool

You'll feel so fresh after mastering this TikTok shuffle tutorial to Earth, Wind & Fire. All your followers will give you an applause once they see how easy you make the shuffle look.

This Tutorial Teaches The Charleston

The Charleston reverse leg swing sounds like it's a move reserved for experts, but this tutorial breaks it down so you can bust your moves on your own TikTok. Don't forget to pair your TikTok with a witty caption like, "Getting jazzed up."

This Shuffle Tutorial Is On Pointe

Give your shuffle an extra dose of flair by adding some pointed toes to your dance. This footwork is full of different moves that are so much fun nailing down and making your own.

This Heel Toe Cross Tutorial Will Add A Microbounce To Your Step

Your followers will be mesmerized when you show off your new footwork combination. The heel toe cross uses microbounce techniques to make your moves appear a little bit faster and a lot more impressive. While that might sound intimidating, this move is fun for beginner and expert shufflers alike.

This TikTok Tutorial Combines Cowtails And Heel Toe Travel

Another movement combination is the cowtail to heel toe travel. Swipe one leg behind the other, and then do it again on the other leg. Next, cross your feet over each other from heel to toe to look like you're sliding along the floor. This combo is great for gaining extra movement in your video.

This Shuffle Tutorial Uses Arm Gestures For Emphasis

Shuffling is often all about footwork, but you can't just leave your arms hanging. To work your arms as much as your legs, follow this TikTok tutorial that uses head nods and gestures for extra emphasis. Your dance moves will be as #lit as this TikToker's shoes are.

This Shuffle Tutorial Will Slide You Into Dance History

This shuffle move will have you hooked with free-flowing footwork, and the way it makes you feel as though you're floating along the floor. Your followers will be impressed with how easy and breezy you look.

This Leg Slide Tutorial Is A Classic Shuffle Move

No shuffle is complete without a classic leg slide. This fun and easy footwork is the perfect way to top off your choreography. Not to mention, you'll look so casual and laidback while you do it that your followers will think you've been dancing for years.

This Tutorial Will Teach You An Entire Dance Combination

To really perfect your shuffle moves, you need to string them into seamless choreography. Thankfully, this dance tutorial does all the thinking for you, as it teaches you an entire combination to look like a pro so much faster. Your basic footwork and transition moves will be covered from heel to toe in this handy shuffle tutorial.