'70s Vibes Are Taking Over Haircut Trends This Summer, & The Styles Are So Cool & Carefree

Courtesy of Aaron Grenia

Haircuts usually signify a fresh start, a time to move forward — that said, pulling inspo from the past is still totally acceptable, especially since the world of hair history is chock full of styles still as on-trend as ever. This year in particular, one decade stands out as I scour the Internet (and Instagram, mostly) in search of the hottest summer 2019 haircut trends. The '70s are back, baby, and the most groovy cuts fifty years ago still hold their own today. If you're looking for that carefree, effortless vibe when the warm weather hits, these layered looks are it, and the best part? Beachy bedhead only enhances their cool-girl cred. Who doesn't want a haircut that looks great even on lazy summer days? If your hand isn't raised, I can't relate.

In the 1970s, people really experiemented with their hair, but most styles depended on layers and volume. If you weren't going for a super-straight, sleek Cher vibe (a personal favorite of mine, but hard to maintain in summertime heat), the only other option was to go big. Think Farrah Fawcett's soft, feathery locks or Jane Birkin's bold bangs. Every '70s starlette embraced statement-making, voluminous hair in a different way, which is why it's so easy to use the decade as inspiration for styles today. To figure out exactly what to ask for when it's time for my summertime chop, I asked a few talented hairstylists to give me the scoop on exactly which throwback vibes have made a comeback.

Courtesy of Aaron Grenia

If you aren't following Aaron Grenia on Instagram, then I feel bad for you, because you're depriving yourself of some of the best hair inspo in the game. Grenia is the co-founder of haircare brand IGK Hair and IGK Salons found in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles, and he's the master of making hair look effortlessly cool. "'70s vibe is happening right now," Grenia confirms before dishing on the specifics. "A mid-length cut, longer than the last year's lob, but not long hair."

A true blessing for anyone growing out their bob or lob at the moment!

Courtesy of Aaron Grenia

"Volume is back for sure," Grenia adds, and if you're in need of some help when it comes to getting a good lift, try spritzing Adria by Thalia's The Big Deal Volumizing Spray ($10, before blowing strands dry. The overall look is messy chic, though, so you don't want a perfected blowout finish. To edge it up, be sure to add texture with any of IGK's arsenal of styling products; my fave for this type of look has to be the Down & Out Dirty Spray ($29,

Length-wise, this look is great for anyone in the process of growing their strands out, but what about those of us growing out our impluse-cut bangs? "Soft bangs with a center part that push away and open up the cheekbones," advises Grenia. "Same in the shorter bobs, soft bangs." The long, parted curtain bangs look has been spotted on tons of celebs in recent months — Mandy Moore and Camilla Cabello, just to name-drop a few — so it makes sense that they'd still be going strong come summer.

And BTW, don't be scared of the short strands/long bangs combo on curls or natural strands, because it couldn't be more incredible. Hello, beautiful built-in texture:

Struggling with hair that lacks the natural body and texture for carefree waves? The secret, according to hairstylist Michael Bowman from Rob Peetoom Williamsburg, is all about getting the perfect layers to achieve what he refers to as the New Shag. "The New Shag is the It haircut for summer because it works for almost any hair length," says Bowman. 'With the New Shag, we are creating more textured layers instead of traditional layering: This allows your hair to have more movement and body."

The New Shag is seriously the '70s rockstar hair of my dreams, people:

Bowman also notes that, while an effortless finish is desired, a little effort is actually needed to make sure strands look chic and not ignored. "My go-to for styling and finishing is Davines This is an Oil Non Oil ($27, It helps to create natural tamed texture in the hair, and works great for air-drying or blow drying."

Let's review: Curtain bangs, lots of layers, voluminous roots and a messy, carefree texture. Sounds good to me, not to mention very summertime-appropriate! I'll be booking my New Shag haircut ASAP, and binge-watching That '70s Show in the days leading up to it to prepare.

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