Sea glass Christmas trees line the railing of a back porch overlooking a grassy yard.
Sea Glass Christmas Trees Exist & Are Shore To Beach Up Your Space

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If you're an avid beach goer and diehard summer lover, stepping into the wintery months can be a struggle. There's a serious lack of sun, sand, and seashells in your life, and your favorite beach totes are stored in the closet where you usually keep your Christmas decorations. Instead of longing for beach towels and cute bikinis, shop for sea glass Christmas trees that'll bring the beachy vibe you adore to your space.

These little treasures exist and are the perfect addition to your floating shelves, mantle, or kitchen table. Sea glass Christmas trees are entirely made of tiny slivers of, well, sea glass — which, as you may already know, can be found on the beach in beautiful shades of green, blue, brown, or white. Some of these products are able to glow, thanks to LED lights that have been built into them. Other products feature a mini starfish on top or are decorated with shells that look like ornaments.

Currently, they're available to shop from sellers on Etsy, who may collect the sea glass themselves to create such a unique item. You'll for shore want to get one if you live by the beach, or are simply missing the days of sitting on a lounge chair in the sand. You can then take beach-inspired decor to the next level by decorating your evergreen tree with starfish and the shells you've collected during your summer trips. TBH, once you pick up a sea glass Christmas tree like these, you can run with this stunning theme.

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This Sea Glass Tree Is A Merry And Bright Sight

If you want a sea glass tree ($232, Etsy) that almost looks like a regular tree, then look no further than this piece that's made of only green-colored glass. It has two layers of the beach gem, all of which is collected by the maker on the East Coast. It's something to not only set up in your home, but also appreciate during the winter months.

This Sea Glass Tree Is Already Decorated With Ornaments

A Christmas tree ($27, Etsy) made of sea glass is already quite a sight to behold. But, this little number takes it to the next level, since it's decorated with tiny ornaments. You'll also notice that the seller thoughtfully wrapped wire garland to give it a modern and beachy feel.

This Sea Glass Tree Is Decked Out With Lights

Some sea glass Christmas tree creators go all out, including this seller who decorated this tree with gingerbread ($84, Etsy), candy canes, and LED lights. When you turn it on, the glow coming from it will likely make you feel like you're back on the beach, soaking in the sunshine. Set it up next to your TV, or a photo from your last vacation.

This Sea Glass Tree Is Topped With A Starfish

The beauty of sea glass trees — other than the sea glass itself — is that they come in all shapes and sizes. This tiny tree ($20, Etsy), for example, only stands at 5 1/2 inches tall, but is topped with a beautiful starfish topper. It would perfectly fit on a nightstand, or in a holiday Instagram picture.

This Sea Glass Tree Is Pretty In Pink

Spotted: a sea glass tree ($250, Etsy) that's pretty in pink. Odds are, you've never seen something as unique and colorful as this, but it's a decor must-have for any summer lover. It's totally bright, and is bound to stand out in whichever room you decide to put it in. Not to mention, it's handcrafted and has tiny, white shells for ornaments.

This Sea Glass Tree Is Ready To Sit On Your Shelves

Is your home decor style more minimalistic? Then snag this sea glass tree ($88, Etsy) that's simple, but will illuminate any space. It's built on an LED base that ensures every inch of it glows. The best part? You can change what color it lights up by using the included remote.

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